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mt 3d
Looking down a dread dark sea
an infinite horizon holding space.
The billowing surface,
for unknowable depths

And, yet, she dove.

Well, she was shocked
by a cruel shove in the back.
Eyes wide and body arched,
an unintentional start -
But when you look how the tumble turned to art,
It's hard to say fall.

in unwilling plummet,
from kindred souls,
We all gazed for a moment
At the foundation of space.
And to my eyes, at least
she was looking to Grace.

Tumbling in her fear she found
an Olympic diver in her heart -
First with polished fingernails
the aftermath had yet to start.

hypnotic waters gently parted
body followed, diving true.
steadfast and strong hearted,
On a course it looked she knew.

Night time now,
and still!
Gently, the great depth
and gently,
the soaring height
touch palms, so
lively eyes see stars

But the illusion offers no clue,
What might lay beneath,
When we break the glimmer
Of the dread black mirror.

Is this the same sea,
I will tiptoe to in dark
wading until my lips
can kiss the stars?


When i want you now I'm weary
to probe those impenetrable depths.
so i look to beautiful heavens
to catch my breath.

But perhaps that dread sea
churns the blood from each spilled heart.
It's comforting to think
We can both become a part.
mt Sep 2020
Skating on the thin ice
Of an ivory clock face
Gliding like the second hand
In a never ending race

Forget yourself and fall
Through the cracks in the ground
Deep down to the mind of time
Before eternity was found
mt Feb 2020
You were my bath,
On the cold Winter's day in my childhood.

Now as the water drains away,
I don't bathe lest
I'm slid to the vortex.

But risen I return
To dabble my hand in you,
In the spinning waters.

I think you feel my love,
And I yours,
As I walk,
And you swirl,
A dangerous game.

And I know you forbid me,
To approach your drain.

So let me enjoy my hand
in your current.
mt Mar 2019
I wonder if I can tell you how it really was,
laying in bed in those warm covers,
with a reading light above,
close to the ceiling, in the top bunk,
with love sleeping in the next room,
and tender good nights.
Pure comfort?
Pure safety?
Perhaps something like
A man in the realm of gods.
I can't really tell you,
how it really was.
mt Jan 2019
these words
i'm scared to know
dropped like a penny
spiralling down the wishing bowl

i like the way it rolls,
like a child of three.

Then the drop,
I wonder where it goes?
mt Dec 2018
muscle motion like a swelling ocean
thoughts running through your brain
build it and make it; thoughts remix
water the ground like rain
mt Dec 2018
everyone knows that they love the sun
but they hiding in the shadows when they're having their fun
prophet on the hill says its just a game
and you gotta keep moving or you'll go insane.
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