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Darcy J Mar 27
I've ******* up, I am ******* up, I can't stop ******* up because I am a ***** up.
Im a perfectionist and a procrastinator, to things I hate so deeply about myself, I've let down so many, myself included.
I'm so angry and frustrated all the time... but I know its all because of me, no one else's fault but my own.
I know I'm the only one who can fix it, who can stop it but I haven't, I can't, I need help but no one can help me, but me.
****! I've ******* up!
Why do I keep repeatedly failing at school? Everyone keeps telling me I'm the only one who can make me get back on track but, why wouldn't I have done that already? Its making me sick to my stomach worrying about it.
Darcy J Mar 13
Sometimes life deals you bullets,
And sometimes those bullets stay on your face in the form of grotesque accessories that you never wanted but can't get rid off.
These are the bullets that have hurt me,
and although they only appear on the surface,
I can feel them shooting holes inside of me every day.
They ****** my confidence and wound my features leaving me with the smallest but most impactful scars for the rest of my life.
To the bullets that throb on my face,
for now, I will hate you,
resent you,
cry over you but one day I will be the last one standing,
I will be the Victor, with a face held high in a bright light staring happily in a mirror.
However, this is the future, I just wish that the future would come as quick as a bullet.

— The End —