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Mar 2018 · 185
KittenJesus Mar 2018
long time no see
like a stranger in the streets
a sound undetected
except to me
it's loud
your presence
like a beckoning sky
but to others its the same
just a breeze passing by
still forever in my mind
I am very rusty... its been a long time hence the start... please leave feedback and HELLO again :)
Dec 2017 · 161
Dec 2017 · 175
KittenJesus Dec 2017
If you wanted to be in it
You never should have checked out of it
Dec 2017 · 146
KittenJesus Dec 2017
What is the difference, neither are possible?
Dec 2017 · 156
KittenJesus Dec 2017
Dec 2017 · 121
KittenJesus Dec 2017
"Just Tired"
Nov 2017 · 119
Nov 2017 · 102
Nov 2017 · 115
... i am not
KittenJesus Nov 2017
Raw eyes
Red streaked cheeks
But sure... I'll go with mad
Nov 2017 · 104
KittenJesus Nov 2017
Am I
Forgotten and alone.
Nov 2017 · 85
Nov 2017 · 83
KittenJesus Nov 2017
For better or worse
All the same
I am broken either way
Nov 2017 · 99
KittenJesus Nov 2017
Even in your absence...
Your presence is felt...
Oct 2017 · 111
KittenJesus Oct 2017
You said you didn't want to hurt me...
And you never really did...
Instead you broke me all at once
Oct 2017 · 112
KittenJesus Oct 2017
I know how I want to feel
But my heart hasn't gotten the message yet
Oct 2017 · 231
KittenJesus Oct 2017
Do you even...
Oct 2017 · 88
Stop trying
KittenJesus Oct 2017
nothing is
normal with
Oct 2017 · 542
you did this to us
Sep 2017 · 222
... just thoughts
KittenJesus Sep 2017
one day I will care too much
and it will **** me
or maybe it already is
Aug 2017 · 177
not really a poem...
KittenJesus Aug 2017
you hate me
but that's okay
cause I hate me too
Aug 2017 · 147
KittenJesus Aug 2017
reading puts me in a state
where unwritten stories
spill into my mind
making me lose all sense of reality
at a flick of a switch
Jul 2017 · 598
I am tired
KittenJesus Jul 2017
I am tried of always being the one blamed ...i am tired of saying I am sorry for being mad or sad I am tired of...just... being blamed for everything
I am tired of being the one everyone beats up on when they are mad just because I break so easily and apologize
Jul 2017 · 151
KittenJesus Jul 2017
I could feel the butterflies twisting and twirling within the pit of my stomach slowly rising like spiders out of my mouth when at last I spoke to the dark figure illuminated under the streetlamp.
Jul 2017 · 144
KittenJesus Jul 2017
The grand illusion was not the words spoken but instead the look in your eyes
KittenJesus Jul 2017
Is when he craves your hugs above kissing
Is when he holds your hand instead of your ***
Is when he wraps his arms around your waist while you're talking to a friend
Is when he tells he loves you even if your are mad at one another
Is when he respects when you say your aren't ready... No matter what the situation
Is when he teases you when you are when you are mad
Is when he kisses you softly as to reassure you
Is when he hugs you tightly even as people stare
Is when he looks at you from across a room and smiles
Is when he takes his time to tell you how much he loves you
Is when he talks on the phone to no one but you for hours on end
Is when he texts you more when he knows you're going through a painful situation
Is when he gets down on one knee
Not only in a public place. Nor in some alleyway
But in a way that will bet even your own wildest dreams
Jul 2017 · 142
3 words
KittenJesus Jul 2017
The flavor upon the bride's lips was unique in flavor she thought… her last thought as she collapsed to the ground in the crimson red that had strained her mouth.
Mar 2017 · 240
KittenJesus Mar 2017
"You are happy today...I like you weren't happy yesterday".....  my mom while saying goodnight to me
........if only she knew how hard I've been crying and how many stains are on my pillow...
Mar 2017 · 230
KittenJesus Mar 2017
I am a burden on everyone, including myself
Mar 2017 · 144
KittenJesus Mar 2017
why even try
when I forget every time...
I forget a lot... and lately I feel like nothing is worth it because I know that I will probably just forget it anyways...
Feb 2017 · 216
KittenJesus Feb 2017
The best songs
happen in the worst times...
the saddest of moments...
the best of songs
Jan 2017 · 173
KittenJesus Jan 2017
When will it stop...
Why can't things go back...
I want my family back
Like it used to be
Before things got messed up
When will it stop...
When will we be together again?
Jan 2017 · 172
the dancer
KittenJesus Jan 2017
The bold figure danced
strength protruding its planned movements
freedom leaping from its wing
Dec 2016 · 221
KittenJesus Dec 2016
I **** things up...
lets just face the facts
nothing I do is right
not by you nor me
I always mess up the plans
even the voices in my head can agree
I never feel when I should
but do all the times around...
I **** things up...
lets face it...
I've ****** us up too
Dec 2016 · 434
KittenJesus Dec 2016
Sometimes I just need to scream
to be heard and loud
yet the delicate of the world
would snap under the sound
...should I care
but when is everything else become more important
then the shame, scared, and sorrow I feel
KittenJesus Dec 2016
Knowing how it end
it tears me apart
what will it take
for you to stay
why is it the darkness
that is here...
its always here
... you told it to leave me alone
but I invited it this time
... it is nice to me
why did you never tell me before
...the way it carees my hands and wrist
... is this what you have been running from?
...why... it is...
... why are you crying
I like my new friend
they bring me comfort that was lost
once you found out
the darkness never left like you
... why can't I touch you?
you just are pretending you can't feel
thinking of guilting me away from...
.... the light...
I see it
But I want my friend...
What have I done...
Nov 2016 · 285
KittenJesus Nov 2016
The wilted flower
lay draped across
the dusty pillow
waiting for its owner to come
only to be greeted
with the sad reality
of death
Nov 2016 · 192
KittenJesus Nov 2016
I am *******
I am ******
Boy have I really messed up...
Nov 2016 · 167
KittenJesus Nov 2016
My body aches
My mind crumbles
My heart screams
I can be no more
Nov 2016 · 329
KittenJesus Nov 2016
Why am I such a ***** up
why do I always fail
how can I tear up the world
when it isn't even in my hand
why cant I... live
as the people on TV
is it that fake of a "reality"
Nov 2016 · 316
KittenJesus Nov 2016
Her beautiful red lips
brought a peaceful bliss
to his last breath...
I am in class and got my friend to give
me three words so I could write a poem and
the three she gave were "Beautiful, red, and peaceful"...
Nov 2016 · 191
KittenJesus Nov 2016
I feel abandoned and I can't escape
I feel torn and fully together
I feel scared and I'm steering to you
Nov 2016 · 538
//... I do
KittenJesus Nov 2016
Why cant I fix what is broken
Can I not dream of a better way
Even if so how can I fix it
When it is I who keeps it broken
I feel like i am breaking.... snapping... I don't know what to do... I am loosing everyone
KittenJesus Nov 2016
Cry me a river
to float away
my sorrows
Nov 2016 · 243
KittenJesus Nov 2016
I cant breath I cant think
I cant speak my thoughts
how can I get help
when I don't even know
what is wrong
Nov 2016 · 202
KittenJesus Nov 2016
What have I done
this used to be nice
and free
but now my own
demons surround me
Oct 2016 · 178
KittenJesus Oct 2016
The silence attacks my ears
Equally as bad as the threatening blade of words
I am... tired of fighting....
Sep 2016 · 247
//Map of Pain
KittenJesus Sep 2016
A Web of streets
That I have vistied;
All mapped
Upon my wrist.
Sep 2016 · 261
//I'm coming back
KittenJesus Sep 2016
I miss me...
...The me...
I used to be..
Jun 2016 · 412
//Tomorrow Sorrow
KittenJesus Jun 2016
I'm tired of saying sorry
It feels like that is all I ever do
But it's the only thing that feels right
Maybe even tonight
You will be sorry too...
Jun 2016 · 401
//All to Form
KittenJesus Jun 2016
The bruises
The cuts
The blood
All intertwining
to form my waist
all to form my hips
all to form my wrist
all to form my stomach
All to form me
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