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 Oct 2017 KittenJesus
It kills me;
A random thought,
Of madness,
Of sadness,
Of guilt.
Nothing more than a coward,
Afraid of facing demons;
Became one.
Indifferent towards himself,
Sympathetic towards others.

It kills me;
What hope I say,
Is hope I cannot hold on to.
I drag you down, unknowingly;
I tear you apart.
Just like what I do to them.
I'm sorry.

It kills me;
That we see each other without saying a word,
A broken record in repeat.
Getting close but I guess never close enough.
A movie nearing ******,
Yet never there.

It kills me;
How I can't say a word,
When it's all about to explode.

I'm sorry;
I doubt you would even feel the same;
If I told you,
Would you still see me the same?
It kills me.
I'm not okay. I doubt that I ever will be.
You saved me more than once
I doubt you'll ever feel that
This is for you
Even if you'll never figure it out.
 Oct 2017 KittenJesus
Our bodies are only temporary,
so what are we loving?
When the lights go out,
who are we trusting?
The nicest one you ever met
can turn into the one
who will break you
into the most pieces.
And here we are again,
lying on the floor.
Are we infatuated
with the gestures
or the contour
painted on our faces?
The soul behind our actions,
or the curve in our frame?
Is it love we're looking for
or is it another night alone?
What are we loving?
What are we loving?
 Jan 2017 KittenJesus
Illya Oz
There is not one person
that isn't afraid
of the dark.
The fear
of the

A fear of the unknown.
I could look at you all day,
And never get tired...
Your face is one of the only things,
That keeps my smile alive.
 Jan 2017 KittenJesus
When did it get this way

When did wanting to die become my default emotion

When did everything that made me happy fade to shades of grey

How did the people who claim to love me

Allow me to fall into this pit of despair and destruction

Without ever trying to reach in and save me
 Dec 2016 KittenJesus
The Dedpoet
The compass spins
And the wind blows from all seasons,
We have just been born,
Ageless we are:

In the beginning
Entangled in eternity
Our destiny written on a star
That burned before us,
That lights worlds after us,
Out love cried out to the
Tortured Aloness and closed
The abyss filing eachother.

The floodgates of my touch
Over your luminous silhouette,
Water and fire collide
Raining embers of eternity,
The present is stilled
And the fountain of reality
Stops as I take your hand;
We are the the precipices
Where sky and earth meet,
Dawn and dusk,
A spherical momentum.

The real love,
A geometric journey
As we invent new places
In eachother,
Echoes in dreams wide awake,
All points from full moons
To quarter suns,
I love you from all points,
Your diaphanous presence,
You are my world.
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