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Emils Jan 11
I hate that I can’t let you go
Standing with bare feet in the snow
I want the coldness to go through my heart so I wouldn’t feel the pain
The effort i put in is in vain
Because it doesn’t go further my feet
The love for you has spread all over my body, it’s so warm
Not even the coldest storm
Could ever beat this heat
Emils Jan 9
You warmed my heart to the core
Though it destroys me from the inside
That my heart was never the one you craved for
Emils Dec 2019
                If i had
           One wish and
  i could wish for anything
In the world i would fish for
You to have a piece of my heart
In you even just for a minute
Perhaps it wouldn’t change
Anything at all, though i
Would not wish for
For anything else
But no one can
Grant me that
Wish but
Emils Dec 2019
Why did you lead me on
You always had doubts
Yet said you weren’t pretending
And now you’re gone..

What hurts the most
Is that you don’t care
All along it was only me
To think it was something rare
Emils Nov 2019
Wish i could just
Clear up all the dust
what made you blind
But I’ll never get to
because I broke your trust
Never meant to
What’s left of me is just a crust

— The End —