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Em Feb 15
is it normal
for teenage girls
to have dreams
about dying
and walking up
upset it wasn’t true

-every night i die in my dreams only to wake up wishing i actually had

Em Jan 29
i live in a world of cliches

where butterfly wings still flutter
in the pits of stomaches before every
"i love you"

where promises aren't
crumbled even after
making the base of trust
an infamous "pinky promise"

where all wounds heal over time
but what they never tell you is
that wounds can heal
but scars can always be reopened

where love is as very much
living as i am

but neither are truly alive

for both society has killed

i wish to live in a world
where in the mention of love
heartbreaks don’t echo

world of cliches
population: 1
Em Jan 10
why is it that
your reputation and religion
come before
unconditional love  

-even you who created me cannot love me for who i am, so how can i expect anyone else to

Em Jan 10
i never realized
you saying “i love you”
would ever hurt me this much
until you were saying it to a girl that
wasn’t me

Em Jan 8
look closely
and you will find
my weakness lay
in all the excuses i made
for you destroying me

Em Jan 8
it was those times
when you chose to finally love me back
that hurt the most
and haunt me still today

Em Jan 8
i think im starting to understand what people mean when they say “you’re too young to be in love”

but i think what they really mean is “you’re too
young to love”

you’re too young to know how to love someone
without every fiber of your being

only to have it ripped out of you

because you’re too young to have known they
weren’t the right one.  

we’re not too young to be in love

we’re just young dumb kids that love too fast
and crash too hard for someone we were never meant to be with.

im in a generation with broken kids that don’t know how to love anymore.

and it feels like I’m the only that still knows how

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