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May 5 · 1.3k
Insomnia of the soul
Eloise Rose May 5
I suffer from an exhaustion where sleep offers no remedy
Apr 16 · 41
Eloise Rose Apr 16
I am a hollowed shell
Feeding off dreams and tomorrows  
Except these dreams are two dimensional
And tomorrow never comes
Mar 20 · 35
I am an echo
Eloise Rose Mar 20
If I echo,
will I each you?
These whispers of the past ,
will they deceive you?
Mar 20 · 123
1000 lethargies
Eloise Rose Mar 20
Into the oblivion
of one thousand lethargies
I plummet.
Mar 7 · 357
Eloise Rose Mar 7
We constantly flip the switch
                                  footsteps approaching *

They can’t know we live in the dark
Jan 28 · 145
Eloise Rose Jan 28
I have the strength to say goodbye
Time brings all finalities and now it is time for ours
Jan 27 · 43
Eloise Rose Jan 27
You are a constellation of stars
And I’m just a shooting star passing through
I don’t deserve you
I finally told you how I felt and somehow you felt the same way but yet again circumstance has forbid us to be together
Jan 27 · 779
Bouquet of death
Eloise Rose Jan 27
Every flower I touch wilts
And decays
That is why I carry a bouquet
Of dead flowers
Because you cannot **** what is already dead
I am so sorry that I will break you but death follows me around
Jan 21 · 38
My last resort
Eloise Rose Jan 21
From this place I come and go
Warring time for absence  
But without fault my flesh begins to crumble
So to this place I return
Begging expression to save me
Sep 2020 · 58
Eloise Rose Sep 2020
Nostalgia is a dangerous emotion
It unknowingly saturates our past in colours so vibrant
So we crave time that never existed
Aug 2020 · 44
loving broken glass
Eloise Rose Aug 2020
we drove
without knowing where to go
you hoped that you could fix me
but baby, you help me to live
but I cannot be fixed
Aug 2020 · 60
Eloise Rose Aug 2020
We are not scared of death
We are scared of finality
The possibility that we can come to an end
The line of our lives is not
Perpetually drawn
That the world can exist
When we do not
Because at the end of the day
We are all narcissists
Jul 2020 · 438
Eloise Rose Jul 2020
I want to write,
but I write what I feel

and I can't feel anymore.
Jul 2020 · 40
Eloise Rose Jul 2020
I ask you, just be honest,
I'd rather have my dignity
then a false sense of security.
Apr 2020 · 79
We can touch the sky
Eloise Rose Apr 2020
Come watch the sunset on the roof
Where we have nothing to prove
I know you want to be free
So come touch the sky with me
Mar 2020 · 80
This ones for you
Eloise Rose Mar 2020
It’s not fair
That you get to live in a world
Where you aren’t broken
By the memories of us
And where you weren’t used
Only For your body
or your touch
Mar 2020 · 287
i hate my birthday
Eloise Rose Mar 2020
some people believe birthdays
are a time of celebration
whilst mine forces me into a
sobering reflection
each year the withdrawal
becomes stronger
for each year my life keeps
and each year i cut my hands
trying to assemble the broken
of the past
Mar 2020 · 123
Ignite my explosion
Eloise Rose Mar 2020
Some people are designed to collide
In union intricate patterns blossom
Within their behaviour

Whilst the reaction of mixing others
Births a toxicity
that leads to an inevitable decay of life
Jan 2020 · 65
Eloise Rose Jan 2020
You came to me
With your head held high
Looking down on me
Intoxicated with pride

But now your On your knees
Begging me,
Dec 2019 · 69
I am a lion
Eloise Rose Dec 2019
Yes I am a woman
And I refuse to be afraid of my hips
Or the way my body dips
Below my *******
Because I might be trapped again

I refuse to believe
I am only worth one thing
I refuse to believe
that I am only for your satisfaction
Because I am so much more
than this physic
And it is your loss
that you were unable to look past
And see the lion beneath
Dec 2019 · 118
Eloise Rose Dec 2019
Why is it we are predisposed
To find the smallest signs
To confirm our worst beliefs
Nov 2019 · 93
we're lost in the change
Eloise Rose Nov 2019
we believe
if we are born again
created from our most beautiful parts
or maybe you want to be born
in a mosaic of your most broken pieces
our lives will change
that this feeling undefined
will leave

but it never does
our life continues with indiscernible flow
even if noting is the same
and it seems
we've lost ourselves in the change

trying everything
every anodyne
to rid ourselves of this feeling'
that leaves its shadow in our eyes
we can not bring ourselves to confront it

I don't know what your shadow is
but I do know
I'm too lost in the change
I've forgotten what mine is

but hes blocked out all the sun
Oct 2019 · 50
Eloise Rose Oct 2019
We are only the accumulation
Of the people who surround us
Loosely bound by moral intuition
Oct 2019 · 89
Heart ache things
Eloise Rose Oct 2019
It's so messed up
How the person who brings you so much happiness
Causes you so much pain
Sep 2019 · 77
beautifully broken
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
Its an estranged place of beauty
Magnanimous cruelty marks its face
the land of such awe screams mutiny
pleading for a safer place

desert oaks tenaciously grasp the ground
lightning struck gums an effigy to protest
the cataclysmic weather reigning down
the incongruities perpetually contest

spurious clouds pass over head
mocking the parched plants, they ****
despite the drought amongst the dead
orange melts a sunset onto every hill

the beguiling desert offers many wonders
surely it will draw many in
but it only takes one that ponders
to see it represents our brokenness within
Sep 2019 · 142
lost souls
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
we're all just lost souls
looking for more
looking for
more ways to feel the pain
more way to make it go away
Sep 2019 · 35
who really knows
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
maybe the earth isn’t round
and the stars they are made of sound
Sep 2019 · 121
the sky is falling
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
He got her hopes up, up so high
believing their love belonged to the sky
but now the sky’s falling,
falling all around them
Sep 2019 · 130
her truth
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
She walked out of the room
Her sleeves hide a bigger truth
shes hiding,
shes dying.
Sep 2019 · 375
be lonely with me
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
they played with fire
because they wanted to get burnt

sad eyes blown away with smoke
sadder smiles drinking false hope

playing spin the bottle
trying to kiss the brokenness in each other

they were so lonely
but at least they weren't alone
Sep 2019 · 297
You never deserved me
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
I feel sorry that you left
Because you thought I wasn’t enough
So, you settled for even less
With someone I’m above
Sep 2019 · 345
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
I know you never approve
I always disappoint you
But this is my life
And I have a point to prove
Sep 2019 · 58
Divided attention
Eloise Rose Sep 2019
Wine coloured lipstick
and leather boots
divided attention
Cause my minds on you
Aug 2019 · 122
Fellings for you
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
Drowning in the ocean of your eyes you leaned in just too far away  
Your lips taunting me
You had me playing mercy
I was begging you to take me
Aug 2019 · 156
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
I don't even even care anymore
I just want to escape
This repressive regime
We call the world
Aug 2019 · 116
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
It's hurts so much
To feel everything
But nothing
All at once
Aug 2019 · 87
Falling apart
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
And so my tears they fell
As I sat and watched my world
Fall apart
Aug 2019 · 85
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
In the glow of the fire
Everyone knows your a fighter
How knows Maybe one day
We'll all wake up without pain
Aug 2019 · 419
Walk on water
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
With tears in her eyes
And nicotine in her mind
She stares out into an ocean
And wishes she could walk on water
Aug 2019 · 113
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
I spend my nights
Making the kind
of memories
that turn into the stories
trees will breathe
For centuries
Aug 2019 · 111
Don't worry
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
Don’t worry about our lives
Were doing just fine
So don’t worry when we cry
Or get high
Because we all want to touch the sky
Aug 2019 · 181
Empty promises
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
As she drained the bottle of wine
She realised
It was empty just like
Everyone's promises
Aug 2019 · 241
Stars in your eyes
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
You said my eyes sparkle
To the stars they are tethered
Like the night sky
You could get lost in them forever
Aug 2019 · 373
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
Your words mean nothing
Because if they meant something
They would mean everything
Aug 2019 · 159
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
Every where I go
Orchids they grow
In the known unknow
Orchids they grow

I can't pick which path to chose
I don't know which road to use
Into the know unknown
The roads they go
Aug 2019 · 1.9k
Eloise Rose Aug 2019
It's a hollow kind
of happiness
But I'm addicted to
the emptiness
Jul 2019 · 159
Wedding speech
Eloise Rose Jul 2019
When we were kids
We used to dream about
Finding love
Our first kiss
Having somebody to miss

You would dream about
Finding a love that encapsulates your soul
As It cascades down your body Trickling through each fibre of your being
Each heart beat sends a melody
that drips through your blood stream
Now your heart beats differently
entwined with another's
Both Love and blood share the same descendant,
The colour red
Maybe because they both flow through our veins
Maybe because they are the same

For a long time we dreamt about this day
But what if it wasn't a single day
It was a perpetual journey
You found yourself loving this person more each day
in ways that are undefinable
this kind love was indescribable
You find that your cracks are filled by their imperfections,
mending each other with your flaws
You find their presence is a kindling fire of comfort and warmth
Their smile fixes every inequity
Their eyes melt into a million memories
You find this person is home
Jun 2019 · 327
Well of depression
Eloise Rose Jun 2019
You are the well my depression is drawn from
Never ending your shaft runs in my veins
Forever flowing, you ignite my pain
Jun 2019 · 76
What we are
Eloise Rose Jun 2019
You called me hot
But now my name is gorgeous
There’s something in that shift
That makes this so dangerous
May 2019 · 209
Eloise Rose May 2019
I lost my black dog.

Today he came home.
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