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Eloise Rose Mar 20
If I echo,
will I each you?
These whispers of the past ,
will they deceive you?
Eloise Rose Mar 20
Into the oblivion
of one thousand lethargies
I plummet.
Eloise Rose Mar 7
We constantly flip the switch
                                  footsteps approaching *

They can’t know we live in the dark
Eloise Rose Jan 28
I have the strength to say goodbye
Time brings all finalities and now it is time for ours
Eloise Rose Jan 27
You are a constellation of stars
And I’m just a shooting star passing through
I don’t deserve you
I finally told you how I felt and somehow you felt the same way but yet again circumstance has forbid us to be together
Eloise Rose Jan 27
Every flower I touch wilts
And decays
That is why I carry a bouquet
Of dead flowers
Because you cannot **** what is already dead
I am so sorry that I will break you but death follows me around
Eloise Rose Jan 21
From this place I come and go
Warring time for absence  
But without fault my flesh begins to crumble
So to this place I return
Begging expression to save me
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