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I feel sorry that you left
Because you thought I wasn’t enough
So, you settled for even less
With someone I’m above
Eloise Rose Sep 8
I know you never approve
I always disappoint you
But this is my life
And I have a point to prove
Eloise Rose Sep 8
Wine coloured lipstick
and leather boots
divided attention
Cause my minds on you
Eloise Rose Aug 29
Drowning in the ocean of your eyes you leaned in just too far away  
Your lips taunting me
You had me playing mercy
I was begging you to take me
Eloise Rose Aug 26
I don't even even care anymore
I just want to escape
This repressive regime
We call the world
Eloise Rose Aug 26
It's hurts so much
To feel everything
But nothing
All at once
Eloise Rose Aug 26
And so my tears they fell
As I sat and watched my world
Fall apart
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