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Just the taste of it ****** my ears back,
Awakens the senses.
I don't need it
But I want it
Oh how I want it.
A lot of it,
But just a taste will do.
How I love you.
It occurs to me
More money would solve all my problems,
But what I'd have to trade for it wouldn't be worth it.
I need to win the lottery
Or the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.
I need to come into an inheritance or get a settlement.
First world problems.
Though I guess I am happy,
I could just really use some beer
Or some *****,
A joint or some blasts
But it never lasts.
Perhaps boredom is a blessing.
Some people just aren't worth the thought or attention.
I used to think
Everyone had some value
But now my truth
Is a more cynical world view
And some people
Just aren't worth it.
Jason James Oct 6
It was a good run
While it lasted.
Jason James Oct 4
The amount of ignorance in the world today is overwhelming. What ever happened to an education, much less common sense.
Humanity needs to hide its' **** face
Not put it on display proudly,
It's mass insanity,
We need to stop the idiocracy from breeding
Cull the species.
I'm the first to admit I don't know everything, I have no patience for politics, but everyday I encounter another idiot and lose a little more faith in society.
Truly a confederacy of dunces,
And I'm forced to wonder how they survive as I ponder the fate of the human race.
Jason James Sep 28
I'm ready for this day to be over,
I just want to sleep and dream.
Jason James Sep 28
I won't call on your birthday,
I don't have a number, but I will be thinking about you.
And when and if we see each other
In two weeks,
I'll have a birthday card
With a fifty dollar Visa gift card in it,
After so much oatmeal and white rice,
That says,
"Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you
I hope you don't feel bad about it...

I'm a terrible father I know.
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