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It's early for you,
Late for me,
I wonder as you rise if you ever think of me,
And then I think it's probably better if you don't...

I would say those three words again,
But I won't.
It's better this way.
You say you'll be here at eleven
I say
We'll see
Yet I stay awake all night
To greet you
And leave my door unlocked
Which you know is something I'd never do,
Just in case...

I will see you around 12:30pm,
And I will still be awake.
Or I'll have you knock at 2:30
And the door will be locked
And sleepily I will greet you once again
As a friend.

I can always count on you to be late,
Or to not show up at all
And then call later with an excuse...

But I wasn't trying to see you,
You wanted
To see me.

I count the hours...
It's a little disheartening
To think
Your in sync
With someone
And find out
You're not.
It's not equal to the love I've lost
Played mad **** with the scales
Still paid the costs,
They're tightly wound
And yet unspinning,
No one ever loves you more
For the leavings...
I was right there with you
I would see you through
And be
Your superhero
Like an old pair of jeans,
Like an old rapped candy with about as many rings, flavors and colours,
It has time and time again been a lifesaver.
Just one like, or to trend late at night
Time and time again
It's a lifesaver...
I prefer the
Cherry flavor ;)
I would describe
Me and you
But simple words
Would never do,
You were so beautiful...
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