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It's 10:30
By eleven 35
Or 12 thirty five
Or by 1:15...
If only we
Were on
The same team.
Gotta say
This has been the first
Really really great time.
Had to steal from Mike
Bother mom
Deal with Randy
Spend money
Spend time.
Let's keep it going
It's mine
Praise Allah
This is the first time since y'all got back
That I haven't hated you at all
Though I will
Today's not done until it's tomorrow
Let's make it really really really great.
I'll be up late
By 1:15
And things
Should start running more smoothly soon
I hope.
Let's make bad decisions
Call friends
Get more dope.
Once it ends
It's just
Another day
Great in the memory
Three of you four
Two more.

And beer and cigarettes,
Lie, cheat, and steal
With no regret.

The commandments.

The 19, so i covet, and steal
Bear false witness and willfully mislead.

It's not the truth that you seek.

It's easy,
And it could be so easy
If you, he, him and her would all work with me.
Everybody in for $30?

We'll see
It's early...

It only gets better from here.
**** i need a beer,
I know how this goes
Just endless disappointment
Wonder what the wave meant
Sparkle motion

Do it for Jesus and all the kids out there still living the dream.
Forever 19.

Before i sleep,
Let one of you four
You three
Do this for me.

Really really really?

We'll see...

T minus four hours 52 minutes and counting.

Two more
By 1:15?

Give me something.
It's been exactly 1 month since the accident.
Go ahead and walk out again,
Show me that spark.
And then will by 4:30
And it'll be
A really
Great day.
35 minutes away,
Come on will.
You're a stupid drunk
A ******* person
You made me wait
While you stumbled around in your stupor and I hate you.
This is what me giving up looks like.
******* guys
Not one outta three.
And little old me.
**** this I quit.
Why are you still here?
Why isn't he?
Where is my twenty
******* leave.
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