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Ell Nov 2019
Beautiful alabaster covers the ground
It sparkles in the sun like a million tiny diamonds
It adds an unexplainable beauty to nature in the form of a blanket
It covers trees and leaves and makes everything seem so still
It causes joyful, childish, glee as you hurl snow at people and slide down hills
It’s a time of year about family, wherever that may be, and peace.
Ell Oct 2019
Last year
I was in the group
We dressed up together
And took cute pictures
Everything is all messed up
As we all grew up
One got kicked out of their house
One is probably drunk right now
One works too much
And I've been left in the dust

It's alright, probably for the best
But Halloween's a lot harder
When you dont have friends to dress up with
Ain't nothing spookier than having no friends.
Ell Oct 2019
Wood hits wood in a clash of color
Yellow kitchen walls that feel like fall
That have seen so much
Laughter and tears
Throughout the years of youth
Nowadays, things are much quieter
It's a curse of the younger
To see, witness, and feel all the growth
And heartbreak
Of every older one
To see them move on and out
Of our home that's been so homely
Before now at least
As it's been a harder than difficult thing to realize our relationships
have changed before
Our still so young eyes in the midst of life
I miss them a lot sometimes, I can't hardly think of what I'll do when they all officially leave.
Ell Oct 2019
The motion of the never ending cold waters makes me sick, sometimes
It bobs up and down and by now it’s hard to tell when I’m breathing and when I’m not
The weight of the deep waters presses on my chest when my head’s above water
The air stings my throat and eyes and the remnants of the water surrounding me reside in my lungs
It’s so much easier to let go
To let the ever present waves consume me as I sink down further
To swim in shadows below and drown unassumingly
To me and everyone around me
Sometimes I just want to be a pirate or something
Ell Oct 2019
As of right now
I'm supposed to be more
I'm supposed to work more
Focus more
Be more responsible
More outgoing
And I'm really tired
Of my more never being the more
That they want out of me
Ell Oct 2019
Okay, it's final
I'm giving up
Giving up on dumb, stupid feelings
That make me think too much
And idealize people
Who aren't anything to me
I'm giving up on love made for me
As now I'm starting to think
That I've made that up too
So, I'm done trying
For good
As it seems only bad things happen
When I idealize and dream
That love is made for me
Feeling a little big sad right now.
Ell Oct 2019
No one wants to play with us anymore
We sit idly on swinging swings, unforeseen to anyone or anything
We used to play here with all the other kids
But eventually we got stuck in between
Now we just have to play with abandonment and some trees
Life never stops
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