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I am losing my mind.
Throwing away our innocence hoping to find love in places where we were never meant to find it.
So much to say, not sure where to begin, where to draw the line and where to end.
I miss you more on days when you think  I don't miss you at all
Did you think just by telling me how much you enjoy my company I would instantly fall in your arms?
Well Im not a ******* robot, I wasn't wires that way.
"I love you" he said
"I know" she said
"That's all you have to say? " he asked in disbelief.
"I don't think it's considered okay to lie this early in the morning, so let's enjoy watching the sun rise and from there I'll  see how I'll feel in the next two or  it could be five years, then maybe I could give you the response that you expected." She said this, unaffected as she  looked beyond the mountains the sun was rising from, pretending to see a future she could never picture with him.
Everyone in the world
is as miserable and empty as I am,
they're just better at pretending.
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