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Ella Aug 2015
My skin is infused with rich melanin
Shining, glistening in the light
My lips are plump echoeing the song
Beautiful a capella, melody strong
The sweet honey stare of my eyes
Looking up at the heavens into the skies
My natural hair it never flows
A blooming flower it still grows
The span of my hips so wide
Up and down in confidence I stride
Because I am black.
I am beautiful.
-@Poetry.Ella on Insta
Ella Jul 2016
Not all cops are evil they claim,
finding a way to justify and blame
These callous murders
The deaths
The slaughters
The genocide
This 21st century massacre.

Not all cops are evil they say
not all whites want this way
White silence is tantamount to white acceptance.
So dont utter a word to me
about not all cops.

Their silence is deafening
Striking the hearts of my people
Their silence daggers of the night
stealing the souls of my brothers and sisters.

No action to bring this evil **** down
not helping to stop this opression my people are facing.
Up and down my people are pacing,
Waiting for freedom..
Waiting for justice..
Striving to be apart of one people.
-@Poetry.Ella on Insta
Ella Nov 2021
True love comes from within
it does not stem from materialism
or riches. Seek treasures within
your locked heart; Allow yourself
to grow and experience
the world like a dandelion seed
blowing in the chaos of the wind.
Dig deep into the pits of your soul
and plant a new beautiful seed
and question why this seed does not need water to grow; but only true love and a new home. Watch it blossom in the sunlight and cherish its roots which intertwine, vivid petals that say

“hello you have come so far to turn away now”

Seek answers from the one above and remember true love comes from within; it does stem from materialism or riches. The most beautiful thing within life is accepting moments that are real believing in authenticity. Never shying away from experiences that seek to teach and to guide. As a collective we must strive to open our eyes and realise there is so much potential within the gardens we discard.
Ig: @ellaslittlepage
Ella Nov 2021
The world is weird but so beautiful
it makes us believe that we cannot love
but when you look into the sky
you remember peace and oneness.
Surround yourself with green
and don’t forget nature is speaking
listen and you’ll find the answers
you’re searching for
Insta- ellaslittlepage
Ella Nov 2021
The system savagely supresses,
conspires against, controls,
feeds temptations and lies;
A physical chokehold attempting
to propagandise and
halt your higher vibration.

Connect and sea the waves of mysteries,
you’re following a system so wicked and deluded they’d rather see dead
bodies wash ashore,
than save dying children
from pover-tea
This is a battle field;

No mans land

A lunch time conversation

We don’t know truth
until we seek it;
don’t know corruption
until we open our eyes.

This is a system
built to fail
built to stimulate wars,
I don’t know about
you but this
is not my lunch time conversation.
Insta- ellaslittlepage
Ella Nov 2021
The ability to feel
is the strongest trait
in the world;
the most
precious flower,
new born baby,
amethyst crystal,
*** of gold;
there is nothing more
than feeling everything,
when there is nothing
to hold on to.

It’s nice to feel connection,
to feel that someone cares
in the sea of eight billion

There is
that one
bright jellyfish
glowing in
the midst
of darkness,
giving you the
warmest hug;
let it all in
allow yourself
to feel
the entirety
of that
jellyfish sting,
because once
it is has dissolved
you may regret
not cherishing
the most
beautiful venom

ouch! That stings

I feel
I’m falling
in love
with your
ability to make
me feel.
Insta- @ellaslittlepage

— The End —