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 Jul 2016 Ella
Morgan Leigh
 Jul 2016 Ella
Morgan Leigh
Wanting to live
Wanting to die
No amount of medication can help me decide
The fire in my soul is slowly fading
Embers rising from ashes remaining
I'm no longer here
I'm no longer there
Oh how I wish I was just somewhere
Alone in the dark, dismal world
Let these thoughts finally consume me
 Aug 2015 Ella
Morgan Leigh
 Aug 2015 Ella
Morgan Leigh
Put on your smile
Hide your eyes
For the day is coming
Don't forget your lies

Walk around lifeless
Forget the stares
You must keep quite
We wouldn't want glares

Rehearse your lines
Speak as if your fine
Don't act like your looking
You don't need a life line

They don't need to know
They will not care
Darkness may consume you
But life is never fair

The blade is your friend
The blood your life
I promise I'll never leave
Love your switchblade knife

— The End —