There was a girl so free among nature that even the birds seemed prisoners to their tune,
she gazed into flowers and saw the glimmer of life sparkling through as the universe and the bright luminessence of the night .
She who can not be tamed ,
she is the maiden wise ,
yet not so wise that she can be caught by intellects and questioned. Then came a time when men no longer remembered this mystery inside her
and great crying came from he earth,
her peoples forlorn that the greening of their souls became immature and weakened,
It was only remembered when one man saw her flitting through the woods as silver
because the end of the world had cracked between two chasms a great divide
and she slipped into Elfame before the madness of men entered her heart.

From that day no man could find her but the one who had opened his heart to her
and as his heart was shining in a sea of loveless light
he drowned in the love of his own world.

Sea has salt but
sky has stars
and in stars is a great peace.
~Poet Ella May

I dreamed I met a holy man of God
But his thirst I could not quench
And I awoke
The beloved came to me
But he did not sit beside me
He sat on all places within all things
Like the stars
So majestic
In the peace that touches all things like falling snow
I love thee so dearly
The dream ceased to be
For all that is gold is also withered
The beloved never comes or goes
He is always with me
As the water is always with the sea
And the love I feel for thee
It is
The same my darling -Ella may

Gold, Nonduality

You are there in the stillness ,
still like water that does not move,
mirroring everything in the silence of time
You are here sweet one in the all that is
you do not move
or watch
or witness.
You can see but you do not become a seer
you speak but you have no story to tell
although a beautiful one appears
how grande !
~Ella May


The wind rushes through small places,
and the trees do not break when they are like the wind also,
sweet the peace that kisses the moon,
right back to the earth her light silver freely caresses the water and in the month of march i see,
such deep longing and the longing is also free.
I dreamed i saw the birds all left and flew away
and the bees they kissed
and died and when i found my key to life i found also the lies. People sit with teachers who tell they all kinds of truth but the real learning in the schools comes from knowing its all untruth, little glimmers of hope offer more dependancy and less might, it is like the starving of a child in the bright scorched out desert at night,
they die ,
we die over
and over as witness.
Flowers do not weep they simply grow more when they are ignored,
and sun rays dance upon waters when no one is looking ,
they are never bored.
I'd like to show you the magic times and sing to you at night , so we maybe can have some freedom in a world that seems to blight,
blight the sensitive,
flight the kind and blight the wild and open minds.
I had a radio once but when i tuned it in nothing came only angry voices,
now it plays sweet music all through the evening
it is like a soft deeply spoken mother humming inside a little box.
Sparkling days remind me of earth shattering quakes glassing ,
cracking ,
twisting concrete.
But I am not afraid to die,
only how it may happen .
I wonder where little Nino goes now ,
a wandering through Falerone groves,
Olive leaves glistening in the springtime air
and Franky all alone.
Valentine will you wait for me
I promise to bring back your Son
But when he returns he will be a man now.
All handsome and wild like heather and wind.
His curls shining in the sun.
The sun
it is kind to the fair ones,
it burns so sweetly and mild
it warms the skin
and fills the eyes with images
and sea pines
and rolling stories on waves from the Adriatic .
Oh i shall not forget three Italia
the sea
the mountain walks
and Familia
who taught me so much
England is beautiful in its own right
but there are rows and rows of horrible Terrace houses
I never want to mention it.
It makes me want to run,
run to the trees in Fonte Morello
taste the waters
and breathe.
~Poet Ella May

Sweet is the peace that touches me to you
that look that pierces my soul
as health is in me divining
and your face is white in winter as milk fresh in the air falling
I hear the voice of the wild again
bleak bellowing clouds forming over the fell
here in the north
It speaks of wisdom
but does not know it
Italy my sweet mother
you are breaking your heart
wreaked by the cracking sounds beneath us
we left for the movement of you
emotions rocking here and there
talk to her sister gently and she can calm down a bit '.
Bright lights in my eyes flicker and flit,
the snow,
dogs barking in the bitter cold night,
as though they see but they do not
blind ,
the stars,
they do not see,
tortellini and the drops of tears ,
dead cats,
desires in jars,
and dead ends in the system,
Porca Madonna!
Right now let's treasure
in England and see
mirrors shattered and made up again with flour and water
and we saw so much in the ice cracked puddles
skies racing over the heavens
and we danced in it already
Sweet Is the Peace
I say to you dear
Sweet is the peace that runs free in all things
That's when I saw it
right there in your eye,
hand in hand,
that big brass Munich band,
the lamp stand,
moorland walks ,
night talks while all else are sleeping.
Pass through the kissing gate .
I am waiting.
That's the beauty of this life.
~ Poet Ella May

I hear the voice of the wild again
bleak bellowing clouds forming over the fell
here in the north
It speaks of wisdom
Ella May Brown Sep 2016

The Light Of All Things

When she passed into death
there was nothing
no welcoming
no past
as though life had never been
and yet had always been the stillness
in this peace she heard a voice that was not her own
and it said unto her
" I have never left you , I have always walked with you
and yet all along you have been not yourself but I , I am the light of the world, for there is only this light and no other light"

She ran to the holy place and there she rested
she rested until she saw that there were

no more words
no more pathways
no more seeds to open
no more songs to sing by the waters that no longer run
only water runs when the mind follows it

She heard that there were

no more stars glowing
no more voices
no more mothers giving birth
and no more clouds forming
just still snow like ice in the sky
frozen candle light shattered in all things free

This is the place of empty space
there is nothing here

But then she also faded away
for the one that sees also passes
then there was

no one who would know

only eyes
only ears
only leaves
only skies rushing to the sea of emptiness
only oceans rolling into themselves
dreamers dreaming into themselves
tossing and turning on pillows
and crying to the wind for change

and only Love

Then there was a new identity
not as person
but as the only one that has never left,
the light of all things.

This is the peace that passes all understanding
~Ella May

Ella May Brown Aug 2016

I have seen but it was not me who saw,
the voice arising here to share such beauty and I love truly life ,
but I never loved.
Here from where all things dance out of ,
some call me a poet,
others call me unreal,
others say I am like the greatest speakers and I am none of those things,
I am simple in fact and quite weak at times,
withering in the wild winds of all our lives,
light like shattered lines through forrest trees,
bees in the honey sleeping
as meek as a lamb in the in winter too early to bleat
and In the warmth of all hearts there is a beat,
that's the one of which I speak
~Ella May

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