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Imagine a tropical paradise
Think hard now
Don't that look nice
Sky is blue
Palm trees sway
Ocean clear
Sunshine all day
Come with me
I'll take you there
Forget your troubles
Forget your cares
Sail away on the distant breeze
Clear your mind
Do as you please
Lyrics from Drift Away by j.a.connor
It's good to dream
  Jun 16 Elizabeth Squires
The erosion of my heart
made it hard but smooth.
Decades of rain and weather
wore it down to a polished stone.
Sharp as a marble.
When it shattered,
I clutched it in pain.
Jagged shards sliced my palm.
After all these years,
you found a way,
to make me feel.
Run your finger along the edge.
Bleed for me, once more.
Or wait for another decade,
until the rain and weather,
wear it down again.
The deep fissures will wait for you.
  Jun 16 Elizabeth Squires
Attuned to voice rising 
from the living heart,
Heart, the vast expanse of 
sublime realm,

The silent abode,
Core of streamlined frequencies,
Vibrating as One,
reverberating, fluctuations 
of surrealism,

Intersection on the paths,
deviation on the filtered 
A possibility for stillness 
to reign in the murky clouds 
of uncertainties. 

The rightful contemplation
leads to the depths 
of the Heart.
Inspired by a track titled "Expanse" composed by Steven Gutheinz.
  Jun 16 Elizabeth Squires
My beautiful view!

I protect it from robbers –

With heavy shutters.
#45 – “Heer Bommel en de kneep van Knipmenis” (#45 – “Sir Bumble and the trick of the Snipme”, 1951, Marten Toonder)

Collection "**** & Lord"
the truth was so expensive
we sold our dreams cheap
nothing did not change in the end
we spent what we had
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