2d LeBobbe

Three years ago, we became close,
with eyes closed we kissed each other with passion.

In those three years, we were confused of our feelings,
We went our separate ways after,
But in those three years I have loved you,

you were never aware of how much I've waited.
How much I wanted to say those words,
After three years I met you again
I finally was able to tell you,
but now I'm too late.

To the guy I loved, I wish nothing but the best.
LeBobbe Oct 14


Minimalistic poetry
LeBobbe Oct 11

I ponder silently
To those who know
Secrets I kept securely.

Mild clues were given
You may eat sweets without limit.

Before eating sweets,
Its important to address
Repeated appreciation
To those who remembers.
How I keep secrets.
Dealing today casually.
Amazed by connections.
Yearly observed by me.

Tempted to give reward
Of those who understand.
Defenestration to those who said it loudly.
A cake and ice cream to those who said it discreetly.
Yes, I do appreciate those who said it to me personally.

Look at the first letters of the poetry.
LeBobbe Sep 27

My ears are irritated by the ticks of the clock.
As the big hand struck twelve,
And the little hand rose to three.
My grey thoughts begun to lock.
Colorful Ideas are slowly shelved,
And I am accompanied by me.

Tasks are halfway done,
So are my half-closed baggy eyes.
I wonder why I took up the task,
Just for a coffee sprinkled in cinnamon.
It should not come to a surprise
That I do what you ask.

I stared blankly at the work,
Let it be writing, editing, or mixing.
each passing time I become more efficient.
like a robot connected to a network,
programed to tick without out stopping.
But my ears continue to listen.

I still hear the ticks,
And I'm slowly getting tired.
Tasks are still halfway done.
I should be done a quarter to six.
My body should be able to rest, if acquired.
Still, all of these are really fun.

3am thoughts
LeBobbe Sep 27

Thoughts in my head is a view.
For every single thought,
Is a thought of you.
And always hits my soft spot.

This greed of mine is heavy,
Among all burdens of my wants.
My unending thoughts are messy,
Because of your rejected response.

I've always been waaaaay to greedy when it comes to relationships
  Aug 28 LeBobbe

If Love is a disease
then I'm very sick
but incredibly happy....

  Aug 13 LeBobbe
Ryan Holden

We can both become
Predator and prey to make
Beautiful nature.

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