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Eli Nov 2020
The tales that people told
Have now been whisked away.
The emotion that people used to hold
Have since been brought astray.
When the beauty you hope is true
Is nothing but the colour blue,
And anything you thought had a hue
Had been lost, too.
When you think that all is lost forever,
And when it seems like the end is never,
When you think its all downhill,
It's never lost forever.

The stories people sang
Have been hailed by the gang.
The poets used to rule his land,
But lost their thoughts at hand.
When the beauty used to be true
Has turned into nothing but another hue
And anything of sapphire blue
Had disappeared through and through
When you think the end is coming soon
And when the time is high noon
When you think all is coming down
Nothing is lost forever.
Eli Aug 2020
So saying 'go **** yourself' is just a joke?
That it's not bullying of any kind?
So telling you how much you hate them
Will not hurt them?

How. Funny.
How funny it is to see how you think
That everyone is just like you.
How. Funny.
How funny it is to see how you believe
That everyone will think like you.

So telling someone that is smaller than you
In every way
Is a little [BEEEEEP]?
Like its a joke?
Like it is true? Or a lie?
Like people will understand and NOT go after you
Because you hut their friends?

How. Funny.
Of course, this is how you think.
Teasing people for your own enjoyment
Because that's the way you feel better about yourself.
How. Funny.
Of course, this is the way you believe
That people will understand you.

Well, they will.
They will understand you as a lying, swearing, ***** ---
They will not want to be your friends. They will want to be your enemy.
You will make many enemies along the way.
Because of the way you act.
How Funny.
Don't you just love it when someone severely bullies you and then says what they said is a joke. I totally do. Then they get angry at you for snitching on them for saying "go **** yourself" to you. This happened to me. I hate my life.
Eli Jul 2020
Fire is cursed upon the lands
The smoke thick
Tensions high
The death rate higher

Families crisped
Fires burning
Aren't we living
In a world of Dragons

If we were living
In a world of peace
Panic would break
No harmony

Families fuming
Smoke cloud thick
Aren't we living
In a world of Dragons

Live was never
Meant to be easy
The hunters hunt
And the hunted have formed

Families happy
Fire is dampened
Are we living
In a world of Dragons?
Eli Jul 2020
when life gives you lemons
You make lemonade
When there is someone helping
You give them aid

Inside of my small hole,
There is time to do it all
But there is never time
To be as big as small

What do you do when
The lemonade runs out
And there are not enough lemons to make more
Why did a stranger help you, can you trust them??

Inside of my small hole
Trust stands, trust lies
I trust myself
Can I trust my friends?

Inside of my small hole, this is where I belong, where I feel I can trust myself and my family.
This is where I belong
It is my small hole.
Eli May 2020
Girly girls as well
As tomboy guys Are as luck
-y as luck can be.
Eli May 2020
Randomness, and glory,
Blood, sweat and tears,
Hatred from all the hells,
And forgiveness for the lands.

Universally, you may think
That one cannot truly
Become forgiven
I know I'm not.
But I want to be.
And I want to forgive.

It is too late now, though.
I lost my chance.
I cannot go back on what I have done.
Eli Mar 2020
A rose, for Rosa
The glittering smile.
A balloon with his favourite colour
It won't last for a while.

How to love,
The question that nags at me
Am I really in love, or is it just me?
Will, you be my saviour, if I fall,
Or will you help me when I don't feel at all?

Will you believe in me, will you trust me or other
Will you give me hope, will you be like no other?
Will, you not care if I am there and different?
Will you be mine? Will I be yours? Will we be each others?

How to love, when we don't know anything about us?
How to love, when we don't go on the same loving path?
How to love, when we are never together?
How to love, giving me another chance at love?

How to love?
How to love?
How will we love?
you can play this poem on a musical instrument
A rose For Rosa
The glittering smile
C                                             G
A balloon with his favourite colour
C                                  F                   C                            G
Hopefully but I don't know but I do hope that this will last a while
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