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Eleanor Feb 2019
these winter days;

are no longer lilac

no longer tragically, beautiful

now just wrong

the sky, presently grey

mimicking our souls

will never shine again

not like it did before
This is a followup poem to lilac sky. I hope you enjoy it!
Eleanor Feb 2019
an electric buzz


over my expanse of skin,
every time
I see your eyes

flushes to my cheeks
no one cared
till you

albeit I am so weak
depth you give to me
making my world 3-D

you've shone upon me now
saving me
from the darkness
engulfing me
Eleanor Feb 2019
your hand trembles

as you try to write

they need to know

your lips quiver

as you open up

the part hidden

so meticulously

from the world
Eleanor Feb 2019
on a glass green sea
serenity in spite all

and yet,
serenity is not destined to stay

as glass turns to shards,
crying out for salvation
dying out
for no one responds

with the realization
the sea was never truly serene
Eleanor Feb 2019
the deadliest affliction
not connected
to anything,
not owning a reason,
to stay
to see a glimmer of hope
in your friend's smile
your father's words
your mother's hug
it wouldn't be worth it
Eleanor Feb 2019
hope expands in your lungs

as you catch sight

of the faint glow,

at the end

of a long channel

bursting forth you soar

running towards the unknown

in the blind faith;

the possibility

it could be better than what is
Eleanor Feb 2019
nothing hurts more than anything
the feeling; there is no feeling
the thought I'll never think again
this complete nothingness that is me
there were nights I'd lie awake with tears
but nights have passed
now I like awake with fears
for my future;
the emptiness it contains
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