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anonymous Dec 2020
I'm just saying,
if I had to, I would.
I'd do it all again

A Victorian farmhouse
four kids
a cat

gut punch
dampened cheeks
imposed character development
anonymous Dec 2020
Women in my life
have lifted me up
My heart was but brittle, hardened clay

Gently and slowly on the potter's wheel
My heart was spun
by a village of mothers
Formed to beat again
Formed to love
anonymous Dec 2020
The oriental dragon
that stretches up my spine
protects the treasures of my soul
one day he will burst furth
a volcano rocketing up
bringing us to our eternal rest
And the gold he protected will be shared
anonymous Dec 2020
Lay me down in soft moss
Let me rest beneath the trees
as they sway softly in the wind
Let the moss grow up around me
As who I once was fades
and who I need to be today
anonymous Dec 2020
Love demands action
the butterflies are worthless
flittering from corner to corner
Let them out of the cage you have made!
They will no longer suffice trapped
if you want to love me
Do so
anonymous Dec 2020
White is the clarity offered by clouds
a soft sheen offereing purity
anonymous Dec 2020
Blue is a leap of faith from a child to a puddle after a gentle rain.
A ripple of motion only your fingertips could inspire.
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