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God is a dog with no teeth
An absurdity of which I have yet to come across
A rose grown on winter.
A dame with excellent touch.
Ako'y kakatok sa pintuan ng Diyos
Dala-dala ang mga kasalanang inipon

Sa paglalakad
Tangan-tangan ang pagsisisi
At labis na pangamba
Na baka sa bakod pa lamang ng hardin
Ay tanaw ko nang sarado ang
Pintuan ng Maykapal

Ako'y tatangis na parang paslit
Sa mga panahong alam kong gawin ang tama
Pero ipinilit na mali

Ako'y nagsusumamong pakinggan
Ang mga panalangin para sa kamag-anak
Gabayan sana ang minamahal na nahihimbing

Naghihikahos kong ipinagdarasal
Ang aking kaluluwa
Kasama ng bawat putik at sangsang na nakadikit
Bawat pintas at kahambugan

Ako sana'y pagbuksan muli ng pinto
O Diyos na makapangyarihan
You sassy, foul-mouthed gal
With a top that says "**** patriarchy"
And a look that could **** a fly with a stare
How are you doing?
I imagine life must have given you enough lemons
To open up a whole monopoly on lemonade
**** has been dealt to you like a poker card
And you just kept your bluff face on
Not letting them get through you
Or around you

You always repel people that are too pretentious
Maybe they can't brush strokes of realism
You are a masterpiece in a tank top
I imagine you had an amazing childhood
You played with their hearts as if they were fire
You played them beautifully

How interesting that a girl like you
Could lace your fingers around the world
And bend it over
Your electric blue fingernails
Demanding no explanation
But seems to say, "here I am, I may look cute but I assure you;
My eyelashes can give you third degree wounds;
Lay a finger on me and I will lay my palm
In your cheek-with a force of a white dwarf star"

Girl, needless to say I am attracted
Were forgiven
Too much
Start to think
Your actions
Were just
When it left
And ghost-towns
My only friend's a page
Who knows all my rage
She hides it very well
There's no secret she would tell
My thoughts are bound
In lines they can be found
Set in an eternal rhyme
That seemed to echo throughout time

A quiet little peice
Of mind that just wants peace
"Write", it tells me
"Write", it commands me
"Write until you're dumb!
"Write until you're numb!
I hold a rose in my hand
Red in my brown skin
Thorny ends peirced my fingers
I keep the pain within

Vibrant are its petals
Heaven's sent, divine
The leaves are teeming green
Creation made so fine

So much this beautiful rose
Overflowing with life
It demands to be kept young
Keep it in the light

But alas, the sky grew gray
And all the hearts are blue
I hold the rose one last time
And in your grave, I threw-

— The End —