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Ekuna CH Mar 2019
Your scrapper is learning to be
Who she is,
She is learning to love
by loving you.
Ekuna CH Feb 2019
A love story that never happened
Like a sad fictional book
Felt fully but never experienced,
The only escape from my apathy,
Crushed on me,
And I am bleeding as a hero of
My pathetic book I managed not to write.

When I feel worthless,
I cannot forgive you inability to see my worth.
Ekuna CH Feb 2019
At the horizon where skies meet Earth
The mystical nine floors lead to re-birth.
It is a struggle to take a step,
To shift from the earthy to the cosmic map.
I ceased existence in order to live,
And I drew your picture on a Saturday eve.
If you are a dream, you are the fairest of them,
But why do you bleed? Are you hurt as I am?
It rains with star dust to wash away blues,
We gain forever for pieces we lose.
Deeply connected to each other and others
Our father is Sun, Moon is our mother.
You are my passion which brings me up-high,
But are you an illusion? I wonder and sigh.
Ekuna CH Jan 2019
You are not born
On the luckiest star,
I am your scars.
Wounds won’t heal,
But let us walk up
To the top of this hill.

There is no soul
To make you whole,
You feel so small,
But you are so tall.

It is your call:
Being weak,
Or strong,
Your decision.
Sing a song...
Look up...

Your vision
Is darken
Without love,
life is a puzzle,
you cannot solve.
Listen to me,
I am all you got,
We have to find
Ekuna CH Jan 2019
When two strangers’ eyes meet
Once they pass on a gloomy street:
Was it her? Or was it him?
Light is on, but light is dim.

Was it just a wishful thought?
Just a dream which they have sought,
Hearts in heaven, feet on ground,
Were they lost, or were they found?

We are bound with strings of reason,
Senses, feelings are imprisoned,
We see, but we lost our vision,
Light is dim, but light is on.

When two strangers’ eyes met,
As per social etiquette,
They avoided improper stare:
Was it him? Or was it her?
Ekuna CH Jan 2019
I am angry at the pictures I painted
For they never became real.
Ekuna CH Jan 2019
An imaginary river
Delivers me to the darkest place,
Where I escape
All that is real.
On both sides of the water,
Strange shadows meet
To greet the ****** moonlight,
I reflect unknown,
Thrown in the waves,
The water never gives,
It just takes,
As it flows
With painful motion,
As I run down to the hill,
Carrying my sorrows
As all I have,
I run to my lover:
The dearest solitude.
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