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  6d Edward
Your last sweetest kiss
In the land of the palm trees
Faith and golden sands
  6d Edward
FJ Davis
"They" told me
it's easier to live with mistakes
than regrets. The years, however
have taught me that many mistakes
inevitably become regrets.
  6d Edward
FJ Davis
She didn't feed me
heed me or need me--
so she, mercifully, freed me.
Edward 6d
Nothing really matters here except allowing Jesus to use you.
If you were to die,  tomorrow what would you take with you.
For this world is only an testing ground for our Savior God.
To see where your heart, really is to see if you choose him.
Nothing else matters, except allowing him to use you today.
To save souls, for his kingdom in another realm called heaven.
Will you allow him to use you to to reveal him to them here.
So that he may transform their lives in the here and now today.
Will you chose him to rescue all of those that surround you.
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