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5.8k · Jan 2020
Life Choices
Edward Jan 2020
Sometimes Life choices, can be a bitter pill to take.
Sometimes Life choices, can bring true Hope to Us.
Sometimes Life choices, feel unfairly ****** upon us.
Sometimes Life choices, the after things comes surprisely.
Sometimes Life choices, seems better till we see what they birthed.
Sometimes Life choices, are accepted out of punishment.
Because bad choices, do bring punishment with the choices.
Sometimes Life choices, can bring Great blessings with them.
For we accept, the good choices God shall reward Us wonderfully.
2.0k · Sep 2019
God Double Their Poetry Gift
Edward Sep 2019
Your love is always perfect, it is always real as well.
You have brought me close to some Great poets ever.
In fact I would say the greatest poets that live today.
I appreciate that I can really enjoy their beautiful writes.
So one thing that I am asking you O Saving God tonight.
You are already using them mightily double that portion.
In each of the make their poems twice as beautiful please.
Also make their poems twice as powerful as they were before.
Bless them with doubling their poetry talent in every way now.
1.8k · Sep 2019
Search Us Heal Us
Edward Sep 2019
O Lord search me, inside and out then heal me.

I beg thee , O Lord to search me and to heal me.

Not only I, heal but everyone that reads this too.

For this world is hurting and needs your Healing.

Heal our lands, heal our bodies, heal our children.

Then all shall see you O Lord and let a revival begin.

Thus then bring all nations unto your throne room.

Repenting of their sins, asking you to come into their hearts.

Thus many more including world leaders as well God.
1.6k · Feb 2020
May Your Journey
Edward Feb 2020
May your Journey, cross path with many.
May your Journey, keep inspiring others.
May your Journey, keep encouraging others.
May your Journey, always be filled with light.
May your Journey, always be filled with love.
May your Journey, always have the ripple effect.
Inspiring everyone that you meet to inspire others.
May your Journey, always be fill with beauty too.
May your Journey, always be filled with Hope'
That comes from the Christ our living Savior God.
1.4k · Feb 2020
Thank You
Edward Feb 2020
Alyssa, thank you for your poems GBU.
Larry , thank you for your poems GBU
Kristy, thank you for your poems here GBU.
Roumen, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Wendy, thank you for your poetry GBU.
Brandon, thank you for your poems GBU.
Sally, thank you for your poetry GBU.
Mark, thank you for your Poems GBU.
The Girl, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Ava, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Godson, thank you for your Poems GBU.
TheRaven thank you for your Poems GBU.
Raven , thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Krippi, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Mike H, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Willow, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Kim, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Keith, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Jules, thank you for your Poems,GBU.
Traveler,thank you for your Poems GBU.
Moonlight, thank you for your Poems GBU.
AB, thank you for yourPoetry GBU.
MAM, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Guy, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Fawn, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Frank, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Melancholy, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Pradip, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Melanie, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Mike E, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Lilian, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Phil, thank you for your Poetry GBU.
Katja, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Godwin, thank you for your Poems GBU.
Jennifer, thank you for your poetry GBU.
Bijan, thank you for your poetry GBU.
FJ, thank you for your poetry GBU.
For the ones that I miss sorry GBU.
My hands are really sore right now.
1.3k · Jul 2020
Shine Shine
Edward Jul 2020
Please will you shine, even if you don't feel like it now.
Shine, Shine even when you are hurting right now Friend.
Shine, Shine make this whole wide world shine bright.
Shine, Shine allow the Holy Spirit shine from deep in you.
Shine, Shine Glorified the Lord and Savior of this universe.
Shine, Shine lift up your hearts and Glorified your Creator.
Shine, Shine worship the Creator of the Heavens and the earth.
1.1k · Apr 2020
Even In
Edward Apr 2020
Even in times of trials and sufferings.
Even in times of loneliness and pain.
Even in times of Isolation and sadness.
Even in times of Great victory and Joy.
Even in times of Gladness and Love too.
Even in times of Blessings and Grace.
No matter what is going on in your life.
God is the same , with one word spoken.
Your life shall never be the same here.
1.0k · Oct 2019
At Times
Edward Oct 2019
At times, things might seem worst than they are.
At times, the loneliness might keep tearing at you.
At times, you might want to give up on life here.
At times, you might hurt and want to cry out to God.
But believe me things are not always as bad as it looks.
There always better times to come in the future too.
Sometimes it takes us getting out to meet new people.
Never give up , there shall come better times for you.
Yes if you really are hurting bad then cry out to God.
925 · Apr 2020
Be Still
Edward Apr 2020
Be still , and abide  in the Lord everyday.
Be still, and wait for the Lord to lead you.
Be still, and listen for the Lord to answer.
Be still, and Lean on the Lord always too.
Follow, the Lord for he shall lead you here.
Follow, the Lord to the road he leads you to.
Follow , for the Lord knows your every step.
897 · Nov 2019
Even When Life Hurts
Edward Nov 2019
Even when life hurts, it is better to live.
Even when life hurts, it better to Praise him.
Even when life hurts, it is best to love others.
Even when life hurts, it better to keep moving.
Even when life hurts, I shall keep thanking him.
Even when life hurts, I shall sing him Praises too.
Even when life hurts, it is better to give than received.
For if Christ who is God came here hurting for Us.
Then can't we do the very same thing for others here.
832 · Nov 2020
Not A Poem
Edward Nov 2020
I have not been on for a while .
I have a crushed disc pressing against my spine.
Once that is taken care of I shall return.
822 · Jun 2020
Bless Are You
Edward Jun 2020
Bless are you, because you see God.
Bless are you, because you hear God.
Bless are you, because you obey God.
Bless are you, because you love God.
Bless are you, because you are trying.
Bless are you, because you know God.
Bless are you, because you seeking him.
Bless are you, because you are chasing God.
Bless are you, because you never give up.
756 · Mar 2020
Do Not Be Despair
Edward Mar 2020
Do not be despair, trust God in every situation.
Do not be despair, God will make your path straight.
Do not be despair,Stand firm God loves you too.
Do not be despair,right now life might look dark here.
Do not be despair, There is none as great as God.
Do not be despair, God has your back in everything.
Do not be despair, I shall continue praying for you.
Do not despair, you are more than Over-comers here.
Do not be despair, you are truly loved here as well.
715 · Apr 2020
Each Tear
Edward Apr 2020
Each tear, that falls brings your healing  one step closer.
Each tear, cleanses your life one tear more on the earth.
Each tear, drawls you one more step into seeing a Miracle.
Each tear, was shed because I felt so broken on the inside.
Each tear, I cried through all of my sorrow and pain here.
663 · Sep 2019
Rejoice Make A Difference
Edward Sep 2019
Today is a brand new day, so Rejoice.
So rejoice for you can make a difference.
You Speak life into your situations here.
You speak life , in all that your family life's.
Sing a brand new song here and rejoice too.
For you will make an difference in everything.
So Rejoice, dance and sing an brand new song.
Climb the highest mountains and shout it out.
Rejoice and become an life changer in others lifes.
662 · Mar 2020
Edward Mar 2020
Keep washing your hands, don't touch your face.
Keep praying for protection from corona-virus too.
You are too Valuable to loss to this evil sickness.
Keep praying and I shall keep praying for you too.
You are Loved by God as well as loved by me also.
So keep praying and distancing your-self People.
Your Life purpose and writes are too valuable to lose.
641 · Sep 2019
May Your
Edward Sep 2019
May your heart always be as beautiful as a golden sunrise.
May your love always flow like like a cool refreshing river.
May your life be filled with many adventures right here too.
May your Beautiful soul, always cling to the Good Lord too.
May your friends and family always bless you every single day.
May nothing ever separate you from our Loving Savior God.
May one day we all meet right here and celebrate with lunch.
May we all meet in the next life as well and always celebrate.
628 · May 2020
Corona-Virus 1001
Edward May 2020
My heart is still breaking over this evil virus.
I still am praying for all of you that come here.
For each of your all writes are important to me.
To my Healing , thank you all that write here.
I love each and everyone of you with Christ's love.
I pray for Christ's 91 Psalms  protection to cover you.
I also pray that each and everyone of you to stay blessed.
I have been blessed by each and everyone of you here.
Christ uses each of us to write poetry to heal one another.
For it is an group effort and it shows that he loves us all.
It is an church effort , for we each are a church to him.
622 · Oct 2019
Edward Oct 2019
Sometimes , when you hurt you want to cry.
Sometimes , you just want to lash out at others.
Sometimes, life seems unfair to you always too.
My prayer is that sometimes will disappear too.
Revealing Christ loves in every single situation
That in everything you shall feel his Love also.
That you shall feel lonely or forsaken neither.
For you shall see him in everything that you do.
Thus losing that anger that was building up too.
Edward Sep 2019
The Cross, is a symbol of true hope here.
The cross, is the living symbol of true life.
The cross, is the symbol of freedom here.
The cross, is beautiful in our sights as well.
The cross, is the perfect symbol of salvation.
The cross, will always be the symbol here.
The cross, draws us to cry in it sight here.
The cross, for it is what holds our salvation.
The cross, is what Christ use to **** him.
The sinners death , and then he rose up again.
557 · Sep 2019
Into The Storm
Edward Sep 2019
Into the Storm,  I fall in order to die once more to self.
Into the Storm, God has place me again to humble me.
Into the Storm, for this is my learning ground here.
Into the Storm, I live each day until I repent of sin.
In the midst, I must face the evil that I have unleashed.
In the midst, I must face the truth of all that has happened.
In the midst, I shall stay till I have become an changed man.
In the midst, I shall allow Christ to transform me today.
Out of the Storm, an much stronger warrior I am now.
Out of the Storm , Christ allows since I am humbled now.
Out of the Storm, I am now since I finally living in Gods will.
Out of the Storm, I am now and my life has completely changed.
544 · Dec 2019
Not A Poem
Edward Dec 2019
If you want to contact me in my absence.
My Facebook is Edward Starr wonderman poems.
My email is
Thank you all very much, love you all God bless you all.
544 · Oct 2019
May You
Edward Oct 2019
May you overcome all of your addictive behavior.
May your desire to chase the Lord at all cost here.
May your heart be filled with overwhelming love.
May Christ always grant you the peace you need.
May everyone that you meet touch your heart today.
I pray that you are being blessed today and always.
That you fill his love and knows that he does care.
For his love is overpowering and quite healing too.
504 · Oct 2019
Edward Oct 2019
Soon the Poor , shall become Rich as well.
Soon the Weak, shall become Strong too.
Soon Life, shall become much more easier.
Soon everything ,shall become known also.
Soon Life, shall become an Great Joy here.
Because Soon the Great King shall Return.
Soon the world shall come to an end here.
An Great new planet shall take it's place.
Making Life much more better than now.
499 · Sep 2019
I Pray That Your Heart
Edward Sep 2019
I pray that your heart, be filled with Joy.
I pray that your heart, be filled with Hope.
I pray that your hearts, be filled with Love.
I pray that your hearts, be filled with peace.
I pray that your hearts, be filled with wisdom.
I pray that your hearts, be filled with tenderness.
I pray that your hearts, be filled with healing.
I pray that your hearts. be filled with Faith.
I pray that your hearts ,be filled with deliverance.
I pray that your hearts, be filled with Awe for Jesus.
496 · Apr 2020
You're Truly Are
Edward Apr 2020
You're truly are, positive influence here.
You're truly are, Inspiring  influence too.
You're truly are, encouraging individual.
You're truly are, someone whom inspires.
You're truly are,an force of  Greatness too.
You're truly are, someone to be look up to.
For God uses your poems to change others.
Through the love that you always shows others.
You're truly are, someone whom loves others too.
472 · Sep 2019
In Your Presence
Edward Sep 2019
In your presence, we shall dance
In your presence, we shall be in Awe.
In your presence, we shall praise you.
In your presence, we shall remain thankful.
In your presence, is where we want to be.
In your presence, is the right place to be.
In your presence, is where we want to stay.
448 · Oct 2019
Lost Love
Edward Oct 2019
I did my best , to have that special love.
I did my best, but it seem to never work.
My marriage was really never meant to be.
Two broken lonely people falling together.
Then the soul-mate her and I were not to be.
I know what God was telling me all along.
That I was meant to single my whole life.
He put so many people that care about me.
In my life, to love me and for me to love them.
With his unconditional love, yes Lord I see it now.
438 · Sep 2019
Family Member Death
Edward Sep 2019
When you lose an family member it always there.
In your heart, an piece that has been ripped out.
It matters not what others might tell you about it..
That eventually you get over it, for that is not true.
You never get healed on losing someone you love.
It has 34 years since my father went away in death.
It still hurts even worst than the day that he had died.
Actually I believe that I was in shocked at the beginning.
But it still hurts really bad especially the anniversary of his death.
My mother, sister, and nephews hurt really bad as well too.
427 · Feb 2020
It Always Darker Before
Edward Feb 2020
It is always darker, before the breakthrough.
It is always darker, before the healing take place.
It is always darker , before the daylight take place.
It is always darker, before you receive the present.
It is always darker, before you see the miracle.
It is always darker, before you finally receive the blessing.
It is always darker, yes it is always darker before the light.
398 · May 2020
The Healing
Edward May 2020
Sometimes the healing , takes longer than we want it to.
The healing ,  takes one breath away. when it happens.
The healing , is the greatest gift here from Christ our God.
The healing, changes evertything about the person as well.
The healing , sometimes is all that one thinks about also.
Yes the Healing , is coming and it is worth the wait also.
So keep seeking God for it and I will keep you in my prayers.
389 · Apr 2020
Corona-Virus 3
Edward Apr 2020
If you need encouraging  with corona-virus, message me.
If you are struggling with this corona-virus, let me know ok.
If you are hurting here with corona-virus right now friend.
Then message me and I will prayer for you everyday friend.
I am not perfect , I have my struggles also with fear as well.
If you need an friend , I am here for you to pray to God.
If you are scared of Corona-virus, just message me about it.
384 · Oct 2019
Reveal To Them.
Edward Oct 2019
Reveal to them, your loving-kindness is here for them.
Reveal to them, that you only want the best for them.
Reveal to them, that you shall never leave nor forsake them.
Reveal to them, that you hear their cries and shall be here.
Reveal to them, that when they love you with an full heart.
Reveal to them, then they ask in prayer they shall receive.
Reveal to them, that they are your children Father-God.
Reveal to them, that you are always watching out for them.
375 · Nov 2019
Edward Nov 2019
Remember, God never forget about Us.
Remember, God is always a Faithful God.
Remember, He always comes at the right time.
Remember, His Love is unconditional Love.
Remember , He created you and knows you.
Remember, Christ shall finish the work within you.
Remember, He wants only the very best for you.
Remember, He shall deliver you out of satan traps.
Remember, You are an child of the most high God.
371 · Feb 2020
Hello Poetry You Are Loved
Edward Feb 2020
HelloPoetry , you are Loved by the Poets here.
HelloPoetry, your site gives Us a place to write.
HelloPoetry. we appreciate your site Eliot too.
HelloPoetry, may the Good Lord protect you.
HelloPoetry,may you and your site stay blessed.
HelloPoetry,you are always in our Prayers too.
HelloPoetry, we thank you for allowing Us space.
HelloPoetry, so that we can post our poetry too.
364 · Jul 2020
O Lord
Edward Jul 2020
O Lord, hear thy children pleas and answer us.
O Lord, for we see that this world is getting darker.
O Lord, every time that we turn around here O God.
O Lord, something happens that is worst than before.
O Lord, it seems that only painful things happen now.
O Lord, hear our pleas and strengthen us right now.
O Lord,we desperately need your healing love here.
O Lord, so help us to stand firm on this dying world.
357 · Sep 2019
May You
Edward Sep 2019
May you always be bless, and your life touch.
May you always feel others pain and love them.
May all of your hurt, always be used in your poems.
So that others may be healed by your poems here.
May your own pain be healed now and forevermore.
May your love always be in every single poem you write.
Also may the readers always see your love in them all.
May you always be bless, by seeing others healed too.
May your life be used as a testimony of Christ healing.
342 · Mar 2020
Is Everyone Ok
Edward Mar 2020
Message me if you need prayer please.
You all are very special indeed to God.
Praying for each of you to be ok always.
I prayer that none of you will die this year.
But to be healed and stronger then before.
For you all are mighty people over-comers.
Be heal my friends and love one another.
332 · Sep 2019
I Feel Your Pain
Edward Sep 2019
I have poured out my tears, so I understand .
The hurting needs healed so very desperately.
That they have turn to the bottle or drugs here.
To take away the overwhelming pain they have.
I have been there myself in California to be exact.
When a woman that I cared about rejected me.
But still the Good Lord delivered me later from it.
He was trying to reach out to me through it all.
So yes I can feel your pain and am praying for you.
To be delivered of it and then healed of it too.
327 · Oct 2019
Edward Oct 2019
Hallelujah , Christ has already deliver me.
Hallelujah, Christ has already healed you.
Hallelujah, It just we need to walk it out.
Hallelujah, I know that you are Special.
Hallelujah, you are always in my prayers.
Hallelujah, remember you are very special.
Hallelujah, I shall keep praying for you all.
323 · Feb 2021
Edward Feb 2021
Love is a verb, that needs to be shown.

Love is a verb, that needs to be seen also.

Love is a verb, that really needs to be pure.

Love is a verb, that needs to be showered.

Over others for Love is a verb, an action.

Love is a verb, that was already shown us.

Love is a verb,while Christ hung on that cross.

Love is a verb, Christ use action to reveal to us.

Love is a verb, for he died for us then rising back to life again.
322 · Jan 2020
Lord The Christ
Edward Jan 2020
Lord the Christ, you are Good you are Perfect too.
Lord the Christ , only you God deserve to be worship.
Lord the Christ, for you have been around forever.
Lord the Christ, for only you speak true life into the world.
Lord the Christ, you are loved by your people right here.
Because you have loved Us first while we were still sinners.
Lord the Christ, you have inspire your people to die to self.
Because while you, walked the earth  there was no sin within you.
Lord the Christ, you are so Beautiful, and only you deserve Praise.
317 · Feb 2020
Be Of Strong Courage
Edward Feb 2020
Be of strong courage, know that there were Great People.
That suffered from Depression so be of strong courage.
King David suffered from great depression here too.
So did Jacob/Israel suffered from great depression here.
For there are many Israel heroes whom suffered much.
Peter the Apostle suffered from great depression here.
He was handed over to the devil to sift after denying Christ.
So many bibical heroes suffered from Great suffering.
315 · Sep 2019
Road Filled With Love
Edward Sep 2019
There are two roads for people to take here.
The first one full of Love, Peace, and Joy.
Is the road where you give even when it hurts,.
It is the one that is filled with friends and family.
It is also the one filled with great laughter also.
Sometimes they might be blessed with plenty of money.
This one may not have have plenty of money.
But they always have plenty of Love on this road.
The second road is fill with self , also Loneliness.
This road is filled with hate, cruelty at times here.
It is filled with greed , and selfishness also here.
This road is a long maybe finical rich road.
But rarely does this road has laughter or joy.
As for me I rather have the road of Love to take.
314 · Mar 2020
The Other Road
Edward Mar 2020
If I would have taken the other road God.
What would have been different here for me.
Would I still had to go through these painful things.
I would still have known you wouldn't I Lord.
Would I have been married and stay married.
Would I have that Son that I desperately wanted.
Would my Faith in you be as Powerful as it is.
Would I be so longing to be home with you now.
Or was this road the one that had saved me from h3ll.
310 · Nov 2020
Edward Nov 2020
May your day be bless and thank you.

I pray that your day stays blessed today.

You have a very beautiful name Pia.

I am glad that I had talk to you today.

I pray that your every day gets better.

For you are an sweet nice lady too.

I am thankful that God connected us.
306 · Feb 2020
Edward Feb 2020
Sometimes ,in the uncomfortable situations in our lives.
God reveals, to Us the very truth about Us in it here too.
Some are found, wanting in situations that they were place.
Others through their inner strength here are reveal stronger.
The inner strength that comes not from man but from God.
God strength , is by far unlimited because it is from God.
For his strength never tires nor is ever matched by another.
Edward Oct 2019
I am sorry that I still held onto our hurts years later.
I know that we believe that awful lie about Dad.
Causing him so much pain that was unattended.
I know that we never stayed in any place very long.
That it was a struggle to deal with so much hurt.
I know that so many people really care about us.
That it was the very best job that we ever had.
Given to us by Christ himself my little self in me.
So much love through all of them there too.
But the loneliness still continue to keep happening.
Because I was and probably always remain broken.
Till the very day when I shall pass away from here.
289 · Jan 2020
Never Give Up
Edward Jan 2020
Never give up on finishing your Journey here never.
Just stop for an quick moment and Pray to God above.
To strengthen you , so that you shall not let him down.
Ask him to lighten your heavy burden that weighs you down.
So that you will become refresh and be able to keep going.
For the important thing is to finish the race and to be used by God.
To help those that in your path to keep moving toward finish line.
To be used by God even in the hardest of struggles here on the earth.
Because it is not suppose to be on our strength overcoming here.
But the strength that directly comes from God the Father himself.
Edward Sep 2019
I spent  most of my teen life back in the 1970's.
Taking pills , drinking lighter fluid as well,
Felt like my family did not love me , ok.
But it was a lie from the evil ones from hell.
God told me that he would not let me die that way.
But I was hurting and I do not want you to die.
Your life is very precious to Jesus and I as well.
So please just keep pressing on in this here life.
Never give up , you have way to live for here.
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