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3d · 104
Your Sweetness
Your kindness
     Amazes me
Your sweetness
     Soothes me
I drown in your smile
    I melt in your eyes
I’ve been in despair
    Yet you are always there

Waiting for me to lift my head
     And know its true
That happiness
     Is always there
With you
Apr 14 · 393
That Whiskey bottle
Shane Roller Apr 14
That Whiskey bottle
Would drown me
If I let it

That Cigarette
Would smoke me
If I let it

Your Love
Would destroy me
If I let it

But I won't let it

I mean too much to me
To let that happen anymore
Shane Roller Apr 13
I don't want to read the news
          I want to immerse myself
                     In you
Apr 7 · 677
Shane Roller Apr 7
Ukrainian dream
My golden queen
I've wasted years
Suffered for you
Pleaded for you

Died inside
Denied my pride

Now at last
I've finally found
The pain most intense
With you around

The only one
I adore
Has shattered and broken me
To the core.
I don't usually rhyme so much, but it comes out like it comes out.  Its all fun anyway, you know, writing about being miserable, ha.
Apr 5 · 1.1k
Shane Roller Apr 5
Dad, I am going to try and write this
It may be a poem
It may not
But from my heart
I miss you
I remember the last time I kissed you
Your eyes were closed
They opened wide
As I kissed your forehead
In that terrible place
So white and clean
Where people die
But you will never die
I love you so much
And you will always live on
In my heart
God, I miss you so much
It's so hard to write through the tears
Apr 5 · 98
Shane Roller Apr 5
Shimmering shards of isolated pain
                    ***** my eyes

                    Seeping down inside me
                                   Welling up

In pools of waspish disgust
                   At you
                                   Denying love

Denying me
Shane Roller Mar 27
The Spider under my chair
                 Wasn't doing me any harm...
                             But I killed it.

I don't know why I did what I did
                  But I know if I knew
                             That Spider under my chair
Would still be alive.
Mar 26 · 96
Heartbreak Blue
Shane Roller Mar 26
My eyes burned Heartbreak Blue
Chills in my mind
Echoing visions of you

Why must love be always slipping from my grasp?
As I gasp
With tormented breath
At what I cannot have

Memories of faded bliss
A simple kiss
Why do I desire most that which brings me pain?

Mar 25 · 85
Winter Girl
Shane Roller Mar 25
Winter Girl
Icy, Naked, Blizzard, Lust
Warms me

She's so cold!
How could she know
That she destroys me
If I don't tell her?

Hate on Skates
She comes for me
Rasping shrieks
Devoid of pleasure
Collapse to the side

No way of knowing
What is real

Cigarette shimmers
Pale red light
Crushed to ashes

I lie alone.

I die alone.

Good night.
Mar 24 · 976
Smooth Midnight Black
Shane Roller Mar 24
Smooth midnight black
Desecration blues
Wandering down a desolated road
With my frenzied mind
Raptured, yet empty
Longing for the end of the night
Yet fearing the dawn
And the eternity of an existence
I may never know
Mar 24 · 742
Dostoevsky Dreams
Shane Roller Mar 24
Dostoevsky dreams

And Pushkin lines

And rhymes...

Like Bolshevik bullets

Tear into me


Hot sleep!

Dead Tsars and Anastasia

Mean nothing to me

But I miss them


Aristocratic nonsense

But tiaras are pretty

With diamonds shining

In a Russian night

As kulaks die

The diamonds glitter

A worthy reminder

Of a beautiful time

When debutantes danced

And the little Tsarina

Could dream in peace

— The End —