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That Whiskey bottle
Would drown me
If I let it

That Cigarette
Would smoke me
If I let it

Your Love
Would destroy me
If I let it

But I won't let it

I mean too much to me
To let that happen anymore
delicately lay me down in dreams
of wild flowers blooming in the sky

like they once did in your heart

paint me into scenes of monet waters
kissed by water lily wishes

like you once left upon my lips

lightly brush a soft breeze
through tendrils of my hair

where your fingers once danced

here I long to drift in peace
wafting on pastel swirls and aerial sighs

like I once floated upon your breath

leave me now to delicately fade
into a scene of pure love

like we once had

I don't want to read the news
          I want to immerse myself
                     In you
  Apr 7 Shane Roller
Jim Davis
How to poet a life away

Toss the trite learned

Skip grammar mostly too

Rhyme or not is all yours

Step to drummer unheard

Believe in life yet untold

Read a thousand times

More than you write

Live, so you will know

What you are talking about

Take wild leaps in mind

Without losing it too far

Write not only about love

Although that’s all there

Really is or really is not

Fall in some love also

More than simply once

With not only your words

But others in thought

Wishing to poet too

©  2017 Jim Davis
Shane Roller Apr 7
Ukrainian dream
My golden queen
I've wasted years
Suffered for you
Pleaded for you

Died inside
Denied my pride

Now at last
I've finally found
The pain most intense
With you around

The only one
I adore
Has shattered and broken me
To the core.
I don't usually rhyme so much, but it comes out like it comes out.  Its all fun anyway, you know, writing about being miserable, ha.
Shane Roller Apr 5
Dad, I am going to try and write this
It may be a poem
It may not
But from my heart
I miss you
I remember the last time I kissed you
Your eyes were closed
They opened wide
As I kissed your forehead
In that terrible place
So white and clean
Where people die
But you will never die
I love you so much
And you will always live on
In my heart
God, I miss you so much
It's so hard to write through the tears
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