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my heart aches for you in ways that it shouldn't.
you were my breath of fresh air and all of a sudden i couldn't breathe.
tell my why you made so many promises you knew you could not keep.
have you already forgotten me?
my love, i'm drowning in your silence,
please tell me it was real.
Shane Roller Aug 19
Thistles and Roses
     Intertwine in my heart
Maddening thirst
     For your touch

Waves of desire
     Searing me sweetly
Wanting you
     Madly and deeply

Lying silently here
     With only these dreams

Shane Roller Aug 17
Silhouetted smiles
Violent pastels
Imprinted in my mind
So unkind

I need to unwind

Who is in the mirror?
Stop staring at me!
Hate that guy
Always judging me!
He never loved me anyway

Fictions of bygone years
Weren’t they great???
Probably not,
But I need them to be
To go on

To go on where though?

When I get there...
It’s going to be me there,
waiting for me

And I don’t even like that guy
All in fun folks.
Shane Roller Jul 19
Your waspish smile
     Stings me
Like a hypocritical barb from a jaded glance
     A subtle trip, within a slow dance


Your Poison ain’t what it used to be!
Shane Roller Jul 17
The only way to know
     Is to go...
Disappear in the night
     Disappear from your life

My love lies with you
     My destruction lies within you
And seeps into me

So I must go
     I must flee

I hope you miss me.
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