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I will write a word
if you write one too
I will right a wrong
if you right one too
passed the years
properly not
                      can eat
                      can wear
                      can come and go to the bathroom
                      can walk road
                      can converse with someone
                      can drive,
                      the way want
                      couldn't even stand
                                                         even for a moment
with an unpleasant smell
families also stopped
staying in the room
guests were not allowed
to enter the room either

Last night,
before the wedding,
the grandson stayed in
the grandfather's room,
blooming with laughter,
a few hours later
covered with a blanket
fell asleep by the side

Like thirty years ago.
 Jun 2017 Anthony Smith
Roses are red, violets are blue
Sugar is sweet and perhaps so are you
But the roses have wilted, the violets are dead
The sugar bowl's empty, and your wrists stained red
The sun isn't shining, the sky isn't clear
There's no silver lining cause you're no longer here
Rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight
You're laying there frozen, so far from the light
Your beauty's unreal, your smile the sun
But time can't be turned, nor your actions undone
The words that you wrote that I only read
"I love you so much, please don't cry when I'm dead"
The bond that we shared; a love that ran deep
The pain that we shared; a friend I could keep
I wanted to hold you to wipe the tears from your eyes
Been there the moment you said your goodbye
I want to forget but most times I don't
I want to let you go but I know that I won't
Tears on my face, memories burned in my head
The roses are wilted and the violets are dead.

— The End —