Chiron 1d
Snow reflecting light
A bitter winter suns glow
Holding hope for spring
Haiku #17
Chiron 2d
He was Learning to Fly and just a Face in the Crowd
He would'nt Breakdown cause he was Built to Last
Even the Losers can be Rebels
and Somewhere under Heaven we Stand a Chance
It was All Or Nothing and Between Two Worlds he was Heading Straight Into Darkness
He was Something Else
So You Wanna be a Rock and Roll Star
There must be Something in the Air
He had The Lovers Touch
Something Big
It Wont Last Long
Its Too Good to be True
He was the Wild One Forever, The Nightwatchman, The Mysteryman and it was a Lonesome Sundown
He will never be A Forgotten Man
He gave us the Best of Everything
Now hes Into the Great Wide Open
This came about while putting a few back at my local watering hole
Dedicated to a great American musician gone too soon
  2d Chiron
Approach me as if...
Your only competition
Is my little Black dress
Say something classy
Highlight my best features
Match my inner dopeness
Hint at something interesting
Hug my curves tightly
Don’t mind who else notices
Unzip me slowly
Make me drip like my neckline
Get me high like my hem
Keep my insecurities a secret
Handle me on gentle cycle
Have my back on a whim
Make me want to put you on...
over and over again.
Chiron 2d
A mist gathered thick
at the edge of her town
Her pace became quick
on the frost covered ground
As the sun faded fast
and the dark settled in
a long night was approaching
her new life would begin

She rushed up the steps
and in the front door
slammed it shut, pulled the chains
threw her coat on the floor
Sparked a match, lit a candle
moving room upon room
to fight, with firelight
the dark coming soon

All the candles and symbols
that she used for protection
could'nt keep him at bay
there would be no exception
T'was the eve of her name day
her sixteenth birth year
and the promise fufilled
destiny coming clear

As the midnight bell chimed
Sun, earth, moon were aligned
All the fires went out
and a voice from behind
"My child don't be afraid,
come with me, take my hand"
She then placed hers in his
It was just as he planned
Chiron Dec 6
So i laugh
and she laughs
and her laughter
sends ripples and ripples
become waves,
waves that crash against
the shore on the coast
of my soul

Deep and dark and cold
just like the ocean
of ghosts
Chiron Dec 6
make sense
in the way they are meant
They don't convey
the sound of her voice
or her scent
and the notion
that somehow my words
even reach that deep
in the ocean of ghosts
is laughable
Chiron Dec 6
I've been writing poems
to a ghost
been singing songs
with a pen
bleeding black ink
on my skin
and you'd think
all these folded up
would connect this story
they dont
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