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  Jun 20 Ebony Scott
It’s ok
That you forgot
I’m used
To it

I’m fine
All alone
I’m used
To it

It’s good
In the silence
I’m used
To it

It’s life
Not my choice
I’m used
To it
  Jun 20 Ebony Scott
a cry for help takes effort
lungs inflating over time
courage paced

whispers at first
feeling like a waste of space

I reached the point of screaming
into loved ones ears
they didn’t hear
You are not alone. Keep screaming.
Ebony Scott Jun 3
Please control the police.

Can't you see
We've called your bluff?

Black isn't a sin.

There's no time for patience
What will you do?

The hate you spread
Has only inspired us.

When you knelt down
On my neck?
If you can afford to, please take time to spread the word and donate to any charities or funds supporting Black Lives Matter. It is important that we all stand together in this time of need and show the idiots running our countries how serious we are.

To all of those attending protests, don't forget to plan ahead with hand sanitiser, masks, thick clothing and comfortable shoes. Protect yourselves from COVID-19, rubber bullets and teargas.
Ebony Scott Jun 2
Why wouldn't you listen
When I said I needed help?
[I had to learn how to do it all myself.]

Why were your priorities
Always them and never me?
[You never had time for me.]

Why did you speak over me
When I tried to tell you about my day?
[I needed you to hear me.]

Why did you let them
Walk all over me?
[I cried myself to sleep.]

Why did you blame me
When I walked away?
[I had to put myself first for once.]

Why was I your dependent
And not your child?
[I was a kid.]
Ebony Scott May 27
does anyone else
get that pressure in your chest
it hurts to breathe
and your pulse is quick?

does anyone else
get a lump in your throat
it won't be pushed down
and your throat feels raw?

does anyone else
dream of happy days
a dog and a beach
and the smell of the ocean?

does anyone else
not want to die
but not want to lie
about the life they are living?

does anyone else
want to be someone else
want to be somewhere else
want to be something else?
Ebony Scott May 25
What will we do
When the birds fall from the sky,
Their stomachs full of lids,
And beaks wrapped in bags?

What will we do
When the whales wash up,
Their bodies start to rot
And the bottles spill out?

Where will we be
When the wildfires burn,
Turning towns to ash
And the future to rubble?

Where will we be
When the trees are bare,
Turning forests to stumps
And no air to breathe?

Who will save us
When we go to war,
The bodies pile up
And the skies are stained yellow?

Who will save us
When we fall to disease,
We neglect our health
And we're naive to death?
Ebony Scott Apr 23
i want to lie in bed
with you
12 AM
legs tangled in the blankets
we don't need to speak

i want to sleep peacefully
curled into your side
1 AM
the wind whistles
we sleep on

i want to feel your breath
on my skin
2 AM
you whisper in my ear
every wish and every promise

i want you to wake me up
'let's go see the stars'
3 AM
under the blinking lights
you ask me to dance

i want you to tell me
all of your dreams
4 AM
you brush my hair back
'you're my dream'

i want you to come to me
when you can't sleep
5 AM
i won't promise you'll be okay
but i'll hold your hand

i want you to get up
to go for a run
6 AM
'come with me'
'no' i get up anyway

i want to shower
you climb in with me
7 AM
you wash me
i wash you

i want to eat breakfast with you
you cook and i watch
8 AM
you try to flip a pancake
it falls on the ground

i want to rush out the door
we got distracted
9 AM
i'm late for work
so are you

i want you to call me
when i'm at work
10 AM
'do you want to get lunch?'
we always do

i want to receive a message
'there's a delivery from you'
11 AM
you sent me roses
my favourite

i want to meet up
at the diner we always go to
12 PM
you're already there
sprawled out in our booth

i want you to convince me
to skip work with you
1 PM
'i have lots of work to do'
i call my manager

i want to eat ice cream on the pier
and watch the boats go by
2 PM
i smash your cone into your face
you tell me you love me

i want to go to the fair
you win me a teddy bear
3 PM
we ride the ferris wheel
you kiss me at the top

i want to ride bumper cars
'first hit buys dinner'
4 PM
i get you first
your car hits the wall

i want to walk in the ocean
our feet in the sand
5 PM
the sun is setting behind us
you push me in

i want to go to dinner with you
at a fancy restaurant
6 PM
you order my dinner
and laugh when i can't pronounce the dishes

i want to sit with you
no rush to leave
7 PM
you get down on one knee
i say yes

i want to rush home
your hands roaming my skin
8 PM
your hot breath on my neck
i can barely get the key in the door

i want you to make love to me
tender and warm, hot and sweaty
9 PM
your hands on my thighs
my fingers in your hair

i want to sit in front of the fireplace
your arms around me
10 PM
bowie belts from the record player
you sing softly to me

i want you to kiss me
like i'm always on your mind
11 PM
like i'm you're first and last breath
like you and me? we're forever
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