Oct 22 ENote
Midnight Rain
i am numb at the thought
of never meeting your warmth,
there is something dying in me

   the way we leave and come back
only to leave again,

this is a tradition of pain
we inflict upon each other,
and i am numb,
i am numb
every time this is complete

winter clouds have descended, the sky
reaches down to kiss the sea
this is agony because they will never

and i think of you, like i always do

my love, i have loved

i have loved you in all seasons of life
and lost you every time

part IV
  Jan 6 ENote
girl diffused
It’s so easy to

Myself in the



of your soul
  Nov 2017 ENote
I rub the tears out from my eyes,
and remind myself not to cry.
But it doesn’t help at all.
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