Electra Fields Dec 2017
I act for everyone
Make them think I’m okay
I don’t want to burden them
Make them happy

But I’m tired
I’m done
I don’t care to live
Living is a chore

I breathe
Wake up
Go to school

Being brave isn’t living
Being brave is having the courage to end it
Don’t worry,
I’m not brave
Electra Fields Dec 2017
My mind is blank, now
I’m not thinking
I’m not really breathing
Not really living

I’m numb
But yet I hurt so much
I say I don’t know why
But I do

I know that I feel trapped
Like I’ll never amount to anything
That I’ll never measure up to who everyone expects me to be
I hurt

I don’t let it show
People can’t see what’s going on inside my head
Put a brave face on
Smile for the crowds

I let it fall for a second
The smile everyone is so used to
They asked what’s wrong
I say I’m fine


— The End —