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Your face, your smile, oh how sweet it is.
Meeting you put me in an everlasting bliss
Up until now you're still the one i miss
You filled my heart with joyful memories

Seeing your face makes me want to reminisce
Remembering the past; it puts me at ease
Making me happy and filling me with tears
You're still the one I want over the years

Don't worry tho, I won't force myself to you
Respecting your decision is the least i can do
Even if you left me out of the blue,
Just know that I don't regret meeting you.
Found this poem in my grade9 notebook. **** you jeston being dramatic asf.
Tried to make one out of boredom
Can't think of anything or anyone
I have nothin' to take inspiration from
This is a message for everyone

It is not easy to write poetry
You need express feelings appropriately
It has to be written logically
Oh, and you have to add a little bit of comedy

It's beautiful to be in someone's gallery
But to be in someone's poetry? Oh it's heavenly
So take us seriously and love us unconditionally
Because it's. hard. to. write. poetry.
-April 2019
-meme poetry xD
I'm sorry, Queen of the sea
I know how rude and unfair of me
I didn't keep my promise and I flee
I just want to be free

Please let go of me
I can't sail anymore on this vast sea
Your pain and sorrow is haunting me
I just want to be free

Your heart is locked and I'm not the key
I cannot join you in this Odyssey
I'm getting devoured by my misery
I just want to be free

You have to accept that it is not me
The one who'll make you truly happy
So listen carefully, Your Majesty
Please, let yourself be free

Be free Queen of the sea
April 2019
Hello, kamusta na ba?
Matagal tagal narin noong huli tayong nagkita.
Hindi mo na nga ako pinadlhan ng balita.
Kamusta? Okay ka lang ba?

Ako? Ahhh oo naman! okay lang ako.
Eto konting yugyog para manatili sa pagtakbo.
May mga problema din oo, pero kaya ko pa 'to.
Haha maliit na problema 'to kumpara sa paglisan mo.

Habang kausap ko siya tila ba't nanginginig ako.
Nagpapawis, natataranta, habang nakikipagusap sa'yo.
Nalulula at para bang nagsisimulang maliyo.
Ewan ko ba kung bakit nangyayari pa ang mga ito.

Paglipas ng oras ay nalimutan ko na.
Napagtanto ko na para bang bumalik sa umpisa.
Mga bughaw **** mata at labing kaypula.
Talagang di ko maiwasan kaya ako'y napatitig na.

Ayun! Hahaha naiintindihan ko na.
Habang ako ay nakatitig sa mukha **** kayganda
Napagtanto ko na wala ngang nag-iba.
Oo gusto kita. Gusto. parin. kita.
- tagal na nito hahahhaa
Sa dalamhati at sa kabiguan
Sa pagluha ng pusong nasugatan
Sa pagsubok na iyong pinahihintulutan
Salamat, Panginoon

Sa katugunan sa aking dalangin
Sa kalakasang sayo nanggagaling
Sa pagtuturo at pagtutuwid mo sa'kin
Salamat, Panginoon
Lyrics from my fav tagalog song
It's been a **** week
I've been through alotta ****
seems that happiness is the one I can't seek
Must've been better to jump of a cliff

Depressed? Nah that ****'s low
I'm not depressed, I'm just a lonely crow
I've got nothing to express nor to show
I'm dead inside and i really want to let go

How can somebody become this numb tho
My life's a mess and a big shitshow
I knew it, I should've ended it days ago
But somehow here am I, just cyring on my pillow

I'm turning into a dramaqueen, jeez
Forgive me, but i can only express myself through this
C'mon stars just grant my wish
I just want to be happy like everyone is
- January 2019
To the angel from my nightmare, hi
I just wanna thank you for the time
Tho we didn't end up together, it's still fine
I'm not hurting. That's a lie

Thank you for listening to my cry
To the talks and for your ears every night
I can't believe I'm this shy
I can't even say a simple goodbye
- 2019
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