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It flashes
Flashes flashes and flashes
It always has and always will
It cares not for it's creator
Nor it's destroyer
As long as its here
It flashes




Oh, but life goes on, does it not?
How I wish to be
As free as the birds in the sky
Or the fish in the sea
So I wouldn't have to be stressed
Or depressed
About things that don't matter
But here I stand
In the wind
Letting my teeth chatter
Playing a game I won't win
Watching a movie that doesn't seem to end
Left to think
About the things deep within
And I learned I wish to be free
Like the birds in the sky
Or the fish in the sea
Boy, it's been a while
But it's not all bad, being away
I went home
Thought it'd be a nice day
Sure it was
But from there, I'd still rather be away
Right here
Here, I'd rather stay

But I can't help but thinking
Should I?
God, you're bipolar
One day you can't get away from me
The next day you can't get away from me sooner
What am I to you?
You say you love me, that you care
But you wouldn't touch me with a 10 ft pole
What am I to you?
Is a hug too much to ask?
One day I'm angels food cake
The next, I'm chopped liver
God you're bipolar
What a two faced
World we live in
Too short for some things
But too long for most
Too competitive to be humble
But too sensitive to boast
So bright during the day
And night too
We help the world, or so we say
But I really ask: who?
There is love and hate
Over the same thing
From the same person
In the same spring
But never once
Can something have it all
That would go against nature
But it would be quite a ball
Is there anything in life without two sides.
Sometimes I sit and stare
At the kids over there
Eating whatever they can
They don't deserve that
But do I deserve this
I have everything in the world
Yet I cry
What have I to cry for
A lost puppy
A child
A social issue
While they're over there
While I sit and stare
Maybe I deserve
Maybe I deserve
Maybe I deserve
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