Shake me up
Shake me up
But don’t open me
Shake me up
Shake me up
But don’t come near me

Watch the bubbles fizz inside
Building up preasure
Until I explode
Throwing glass far and wide.

Or open me
Gently take off my cap
A little spritz of air
And joy
From here to there

But often times
A bottle is used once
Or never at all
Boy, what a shame
Not to be drank
But thrown at a wall
It feels
Like it’s been years
Since you’ve stepped up
Off your heels
To kiss me
Since you’ve reached up
Into the sky
To hug me

But now
You’re light years away
A fear long ago
But reality today
It feels like you’re
Light years away
It’s hard to be away from someone you love. Yet the farther I am the more I love.
Dillon Driskill Dec 2018
My time has come
My performance is over
For the demons of the night
Have come over me
So I must bid you farewell
For I can no longer fight
Their ever powerful spell
I realize now that the original had the word but where bid is now, i typed this at midnight on my phone so spelling was a little out the window, thanks for all you who enjoyed it anyway
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
It's been a while since I've been here
Between metal and flesh
But here I am again
I'm not sure how to leave
But maybe it isn't so bad
I don't want the choice
You took me in
Though others won't
But left me dry
Like others did
Maybe you're not so wrong
I'd do the same thing
I might as well stay here
Because it doesn't look like I have anywhere else nere
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
To miss
Fall into an abyss
A love having denied a kiss
A kiss which I will miss

To miss
Not wanting to live like this
Meeting life with clenched fists
Regretting every being like this

Here it seems again
An existence which
I do not condone
It's hard bothering to even pick up a pen
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
You're never wrong are you
If 2 + 2 is 5 to you
They'd teach it, and rewrite textbooks too
Just to make sure
That you're never wrong
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
Look and stare
Look and stare
That's what you do best over there
Look and stare
Look and stare
Like a beast caught in a snare
Talk, and laugh, joke about me
But coming for you I will be
I am the monster under your bed
The nightmare in your head
Take one last look around
All you hold sacred
Is just another reason for me to fight
Look and stare
Look and stare
The last thing you'll do
Is stare at me tonight
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