rd 3h
Somewhere, far away    
the stars cry    
glistening tear drops, frozen    
forever, in the dark sky    
Will the amber ever melt    
spreading its wings of sunshine?    
or remain forever embedded    
in the eyes of mine...
  19h rd
Cyprian Van Dyke
Black and blue, like starlight
A boxer wins the fight of his life.
Thru the ropes he goes home
To hold his wife, of so long.

The top is down on his ride.
Starlight is shadow bright.
He drives under it without headlights.
Dice on his mirror swings in the wind,
Reminding him that he doesn’t know
What tonight’s hiding about tomorrow.

Starlight vanishes, as he turns-
underneath the street lights high-beams,
He continues home without his lights on.

Pulling into his driveway.
That endless road turns from before him.
Now he’s faced with a door
Behind which, it’s him, his wife waits for.
She sits by the TV
Watching his boxing victory on repeat.
But mad about something else
She fidgets with their remote control.
Her bags are packed and by the door.
She waits to ask him to choose
Something else to fight for.
Dec 30, 2017
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  2d rd
Cisco James
Have you ever
been so broke
you considered
melting down
your goldfish?
  3d rd
Try not to hate me
If you can
I never meant
To expose my hand
Yes it's true
I just don't believe
Yet my mind is open
To all I see!

And that don't mean
That I can't love
I wish there was
Someone above!
To take this burden
And stop this bleed
Then perhaps
I could just be me!
Traveler Tim
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