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just a teenage girl, expressing myself through a pen and paper (and sometimes a rhyming dictionary.) "I'm back to being the poet i always thought ...
Diary of the Damned
Stanford, Kentucky    My writing has always been my personal way of waging war on the darkness that threatens to steal my hope and my dreams so as ...
Jacquelyn Audrey Whiston
20/F/Ohio    I'm Jacquelyn. A writer addicted to sunrises and sad stories. Happy reading.
24/M/29223    Poems are based on real life situations. Life, Love, Heartbreak, Anger, & Depression Follow me please & I'll do the same Instagram @fyk.venxm Snapchat @dre803
101    poems posted on only the finest of lamp posts...
20/Androgynous/St Louis    I am what I write. I write what I feel. I feel ,oh, so much.
for all the: emotionally greedy, attention seekers, heartbroken, hurt, invalidated. for all the others.
Frank Ruland
25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia    I haven't been active in awhile, but I'm trying to change that. I'm somewhere in between unbridled joy with fathering my 8-month old daughter and ...
19/F/USA    I write spoken word poetry as letters to people who usually never read them
Helios Alatza
30/M    Thank you for taking the time to read some stuff. A lot of it is shit. Some of it's good though. It's all copyrighted to ...

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