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Dream Jul 20
And when death comes my way.
I want to feel every breath.
I want to remember every second spent with you.
I want to hear your heartbeat as mine begins to stop.
I want to comfort you and tell you that I'm alright, even though I'm not.
I want to hear your voice for the last time.
I want to see your face before my eyes.
I want to meet your soul and mind for the last time.
I want to tell you I love you on my deathbed.
And I want to hear you say "I love you too" before I close my eyes.
For the last time.
Just a poem, For when I die. For you my love,This is what i want.
Dream Jul 20
And when i die.
Let me go.

**** my thoughts.
And don't think of my ghost.

Don't let me come back as tears In your eyes.
Just let me go and don't think twice.

Don't think of me when you're at home.
Don't think of me when you're on the road.

Remove all my memories.
Erase all my photos.

Delete my poems and
Destroy my phone.

**** me in your mind.
And never think about me twice.

And when I go,
Release all your anger.

Just let it be.
Don't get angry.

I know how you can be.
You won't shed a tear but you'll cry on the inside heavily.

Don't let your anger take over.
Just forget about me. I was just a lover...
I think of you as I type, poems on death with tears falling down my eyes. Even if death could be stopped I wouldn't try. Because eternity with you would be better after life.
Dream Jul 17
Me: Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the strongest of them all?

Mirror: You. You run, chase, trip and fall yet you get back up after it all.
Dream Jul 17
I felt safe with you.

But I forgot that the same fire,
That gives warmth holds power,
To destroy all that's in its path.
Dream Jun 19
Cracks in the paint doesn't mean the wall is about to collapse.
Just keep going no matter what, when you're facing difficulties overcome them. It's not the end. If there's a problem in your life or relationships then face them head on. Don't assume it's over because of one Crack that you have seen in your beautifully painted wall. Just like the paint, relationships need maintenance. So don't break up because of one small issue.
Dream Jun 19
Your mind is confined in cages built by your own insecurities.
Dream Jun 6
My hours spent with you feel like minutes.
All my wrongs seem to become rights.
Your voice is like that beautiful melody unheard by the world,
personalized for my ears.
You touched my heart before you touched my lips.
You entered my mind before you opened other precious doors.
And that's why I'm still deeply in love with you....
And I fall in love with every essence of your being, the more I exist....
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