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Dream Feb 13
No one deserves me this valentines.

Dream Feb 2
His eyes give me the intoxication I need to escape reality.

He gives me the high I need.
I love you.
Dream Jan 19
The thing about "no strings attached" is that they tend to break the strings which are attached.
It might be a one night stand which may break your life time relationship. Don't cheat. Don't let loyalty be an option.
Dream Jan 17
Why is it difficult to show love
Why is it difficult for you to show care.

Just tell me you love me
Maybe that'll stop my despair...
Dream Jan 10
Let me make all your fantasies come true,

Come here let me feed you.
Dream Jan 4
And she cried until she dozed off into a world where everything was perfect before it fell apart again....
Dream Dec 2018
Sorry, i fell asleep while waiting for your phone call...
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