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Dreamcatcher Dec 2019
I miss our late night calls without end. I miss my best friend. I miss my old life before you and her started a relationship. I miss the person I came to know. I miss my sister. Not my blood sister. My sister I wish I had, the same sister who cried along with me, spent nights without end at my house. Seeing you together made me smile... at first. I feel grief and dread after a few months together. I feel like I lost you, lost our bond. Lost our beautiful friendship. I miss my friends. I miss us.
Dreamcatcher Nov 2019
I love you. Yes you, the person who's hand I try to hold when you are near. I loved you when no one else did. I had dreams of us being together, but no. Those where crushed by the girl you hated one week prior. You couldn't stand her annoying texts and turned to ME when she did so. That changed when I invited you to sit with us and deal with her. You told her you loved her the day you broke the other friend's heart. Broken heart, broken dreams. Seeing you hold HER hand and kiss HER destroyed my dream. You kiss HER, the one that loves you and another man. The one who plans on kissing someone other than you and fantasizes about the day you two break up so that she can give him another chance. Broken, heart broken dreams. I have no dreamcatcher other than the one that's above my bed and above my head. The name I was given and the name that has no meaning. Because my dreams are caught by other dreamcatchers of other people. You love her, the girl you hated six weeks prior. I love you. But it will forever stay broken heart, broken dreams.
Dreamcatcher May 2019
My teacher
That inconsiderate *******
He was talking
About a stolen item
It was a red toy car
Nothing much
He said
We won't look on the camera
Because it will give the child
Suicidal thoughts and such
But he has no idea of the kid
Yes me
Right infront of his nose
That was infact
Dealing with depression
He doesn't know how it feels
Hating your own guts
Wanting to die
Wanting to end your life
And he jokes about it
Like it's nothing serious
It is
No shade on my teacher
Dreamcatcher May 2019
Friendship is there during the darkest times
It's there in the lightest
It's there when no one cares,
Or believes you.
It is there when you like it,
Or not
I love all my friends
They are allways there
Even if they annoy me
Special thanks to Trudi, Mia, Anke and Marion for allways being there
Dreamcatcher May 2019
Bullying is serious
It causes sadness
It causes suicide
It causes a ruined life
It causes pain
It causes self hate
It causes broken trust
It causes depression
Bullying is not tolerated
Bullying is wrong
Bullying makes you unpopular
Bullying makes you a murderer
Dreamcatcher May 2019
I'm ignored every day,
By family of all people.
Ignored when I'm sad,
When I'm glad,
When I'm exited
Or when I have something to say
I open my mouth expecting nothing more than ignorance
I start talking, thinking I am finally seen
But no. My mom talks over me
I give up
Dreamcatcher May 2019
I'm lost in a sea of emotions,
Lost in life itself.
I've lost my way in the woods,
With twists and turns in the path.
I don't know where I should turn,
Or if I even should.
If I should lie about things I did,
Or come clean.
I'm lost in my thoughts
And my imagination
I'm lost in the hatred and anger of the world,
Lost in tears of life
And sorrows of death.
I'm lost in my own head.

— The End —