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Sep 2019 · 169
Love for me is. . .
Love was never between
    Beautiful Faces
Love was between
     The ugly experiences
Love was never about
     How happy you were
Love was about
     How sad you can be without them
Love shouldn't be
Love should be
Love is bound to nothing perfect
Ageless with wrinkles
Love is bound to flaws
And that's the uniqueness
Love varies in different people
In different ways
Of showing " I love you"
This is how I view love.
Aug 2019 · 126
Only Then
Soon the world will know
What's hiding behind every closed door

The smiles that weren't true
The lies of "I love you"

How everyone would say "I'm fine"
Only to be left behind

But the truth is you'll never really dare
Once they are broken you will then
    only then...
You will start to care
Why do we let things be when we know those who need help.
Jul 2019 · 181
You were what I...
You were chaotic
  Like the ocean's rage on a stormy night

You were also harmonic
  Like how birds synchronize in flight

You were silent
  Like how a butterfly would flap it's wings in air

You were deafening as well
  Like a how bomb would explode and shatter my ears

You were lonely
  Like how your anxiety creeps in when you're at a party

You were friendly
  Like how everyone looks at you brightly

You were everything I never would've asked

You were also everything I would've wanted

You were Mine
And I was Yours

You destroyed me,
  Like how you hugged my depression away

You built me,
  Like how your smile makes my day

You were what I had prayed for
And I'm thankful that I did.
I asked of no name but I had wished so what was given I must cherish
May 2019 · 146
I knew him not
"You lied to me"

"Why did I trust you?"

He looked in my eyes,
  Those ocean shores began to become waves I've never seen before

His voice was a sound my ears never heard but was familiar like something from the past.

He answered. "You knew me.

And you didn't"
Two reasons someone would do treason, You knew them, or you didn't
May 2019 · 698
It's either

Our hearts are
that's why our ribs are cages


Our hearts are
                G O L D E N
that's why we protect it with our chest

Either way

We should never let it go.

We release a beast


We lose a treasure
It's never a win a win with your heart locked forever... rather an all for nothing chance
May 2019 · 138
Don't let me be
Don't let me be your dream
  Something you need to achieve

Let me be your nightmare
  Things that keep you up at night

Don't let me be a flower
  You need to take care of

Let me the unexpected sprouts
  You never saw coming

Don't let me be the girl
   You wish to have by your side

Let me be the girl
   You need to have all your life

I'm never something pretty
   Because I am always insane

I don't need you to protect me

I need you to know me
Because I can't be normal let me be me
May 2019 · 224
Time Travel
He lives in the past
   And She in the future

Time was never on their side
   He waited for Her to exist

    In the few moments of air he  breathes

    Because the present never happened where the two people would meet.
Patiently he waited for her to live
May 2019 · 138
The dark side of Me.
Let me love myself without the light

Where every imperfection shows

The sadness in my eyes

The sleepless nights with my mind

The voiceless thoughts unspoken

The irrational fear of being judged

Let me love the me I was, am, will be. Let me love the darkest parts of me
Love yourself, even in the dark.
Apr 2019 · 172
My own place
My fingers went loose
  Like the moment you touched my hair

My lips curved and smiled

  Like how yours would everytime I laughed

My feet stood straight

    The moment you stood before me

And then I let go
  Of a kite begging for the wind to take him away from this world

Like I did,
    With you.

Find peace in the heavens

Where I whisper to the air the things I missed

The words I dare to hear

The guy I begged to live

In my place.
Just reminding you how I miss you
Apr 2019 · 185
I got so drunk
  I begged my feelings to leave
  But it stayed

Until I woke up
  My head was in a storm
  It was raging my love for you

So I threw up
  All the expectations I had left
  That you would come back

And beg me to stay.
Ain't that easy. Wasting bottles?
Mar 2019 · 165
I wonder why
   Amidst pretty girls in **** dresses

  And in smart girls with wealthy riches

  To kind girls with gifted hearts

He chose me...

With messy hair and baggy clothes


Senseless humor and idiotic attitude


Cheap gifts and angered temper

And last

My broken heart and change of moods

He hugged me, held my hand, kissed my cheek and stayed

With every reason he could've chose someone else

Left with all the reasons why

But he stayed. And I'm truly thankful.
Thankyou love.
Mar 2019 · 205
R o s e
Letting go of the
Is better than holding on to a

It's like giving her a
Full of
             T h o r n s
Why would you?
Feb 2019 · 155
Forgotten Seed
There were things you left in me

Things that left a mark

Flowers that never bloomed

Because they withered apart
And I thought you remembered
Jan 2019 · 178
Loneliness is like...
Walked on every city
  with signs I cannot understand
Spoke in a language
  I hardly can hardly pronounce
Loved people
  with broken hearts
yet I ended up with
if i was to go to a place, to see very sign. to know everybody, i still feel empty in the end
Jan 2019 · 565
I have wished for you in every star in the sky

and prayed you'd visit me in my dreams

waiting for 11:11 to come for it to come true

Hopeless still, broken inside, yet devoted to you
it wasn't what i needed but now i can't survive without you
Jan 2019 · 136
If I told you a secret
   It wouldn't be a secret anymore

I would never tell it to anyone

That's what you said, when you said the exact same thing I said to you but you told it to her

"I love you"
Secrets? Maybe not
Dec 2018 · 236
The mighty man
Words escape
A voice is shut
A pen is out
A page is flipped
Ink is smeared
And tears have dropped
A poet has spoken
with eyes to hear
And mind to see
His broken poetry
And heart of bravery
Craves within
His written legacy
Mighty is he
Fearing no one
Against the judges of poor artistry
He strives to write his own poetry
Dec 2018 · 173
And the night falls
As she closes
Her eyes
The whole world
Into a
Nov 2018 · 167
Hey, liar
Hey how are you

I wanted to tell you I'm hurting, that every part of my body is aching. That my eyes wanna cry out from so much pain inside. I'm begging, screaming and pleading to stop it all.

But what do I say?

"I'm fine"

A lie I couldn't bear to deny, everyone else is repeating the same line
When you just lie to pretend you're okay
Nov 2018 · 430
Her eyes starts aligning  all constellations
Her hair black as the night
And shines with the nebulas
Her body radiant to the sun itself
She, a universe
With every cosmos of her body is in shape
Galaxies when she smiles forming a loop of faith
But for me
She is a glass
Eyes so clear
See through
Yet fills a blurry void
No one can go to
Her body a vase
With every curve in every way
Yet step foot on the tip of the unsafe
Pushed by Him she falls
And breaks
Every piece in every direction
Crumbles before her execution
And then She, the universe
Is fixed again
At the edge she stands
Infront is Him
Once again.

glass shatters

The end.
How one person could shatter a whole universe with just one mistake
Nov 2018 · 939
We ate by this Café
Plates served and drinks placed
as I was just infront of you
Talking like we used to
Just coffees and silver forks
Our secrets and small talks
But then you took a sip
And one bite
Bid goodbye
Like the last time...
You didn't look back
To that waffle wasted
To the time you didn't need
I knew.
You didn't want to stay with me
Nov 2018 · 232
I wonder if you have regrets
the "What Ifs" you question yourself
that at some point you want to find
the answers to that

I wonder if I could endure
when you find your way back
to that before
to her
that "What If"  you're already
without me
I guess I found the
to wait and see
if it's
m e
s h e
Jun 2018 · 330
Every time...
I had it...
             These Honest Feelings
But it had me...
              The wrong timing
And the moment you said
               "I'm sorry."
I knew it was the end.
The start of letting go.
   When I finally got to the last hold
      You were there standing, saying
Our story isn't the most happiest, but I will read it again with every bit of love

I had to say it back.
               "I'm sorry"
Because I can't risk another heartache
Every time you end up falling for him again.
I'm not a doctor to heal you when you're wounded. I get hurt to
Jun 2018 · 330
Your Darkness
• • •

You don't need someone to admire your Galaxy with all the stars and comets.

You need someone who will find the beauty in every black hole and super nova you created. You need someone who loves you in your darkest
Romans 5:8
Jun 2018 · 186
Door between
"Stay" The word that slipped his mouth when she was walking away.

She wanted to be chased yet she chose to close the door between them.

Sliding slowly regretting he made her leave and she guilty of shutting the door.
About lovers who chose to let go when both were holding on
Jun 2018 · 202
Not Lovers
You said we'd be
  All the things we could've been
I said we could've been
  All the things we should be
But in the end...
  You were not mine to have
And I wasn't yours to hold
   So this our beginning
A friendship hurting both
To poetry I give my words I couldn't say
Jun 2018 · 214
I was quiet
never spoke
Held my breath
Closed my
and yet
you looked
and you knew
I love you

My i love you has no words to tell
Jun 2018 · 303
Stepped on the stage
Dancing in the light
Eyes on her
Spinning in the spotlight
She did her show
With rabbits and hats
A thrilling magic of trickery
Everyone in the act
But in the room
A man believed in her power
Yet the show ended with her
    Was her final act.
When it's the last time you saw her
Jun 2018 · 349
Her Universe
Why are you trying to be his world?  
He can't contain every star in your body.

Every galaxy in your eyes

Whenever the whole solar system would spin on your smile.  

He can't
You are
Don't  let anybody tell you,  you're  not enough
Jun 2018 · 206
Free Fall
When I used to fall
I'd tell where it hurt
so it can be healed
with gentle hands

Later on...

I kept on falling
Being alone
Pointed my heart
Pointed my mind
It's in pain
But no one came

I continued
This free fall
Endless agony
Until I hit
No one came to save the falling victim
Jun 2018 · 292
I wanted to bury my feelings for you, deep within the ground so it was out of sight.

Never knew it was a seed, sprouting and blooming. It was beautiful you see  just one of a kind.

But I get it, you won't choose it.

Who would pick a daisy in a garden of roses.

And then you picked the one with the most thorns, now it's painted red just hiding in the colors.

But it's actually grey because you left.
Why would you even pick the flower that bloomed for you
Jun 2018 · 215
My Lost Treasure
Such treasure long forgotten
Marked with an X
Finding the rhythm
to see such sight
By ship sailing day and night

A heart of Gold by Your name
I found
The missing jewels of a piece
In ground

Your heart differs from my stone
It's buried deep inside
Taken from home
My heart is trash while yours was a diamond in the sand
Jun 2018 · 433
b r OK en
She said she wasn't
B r o k e n

but her mind is in
P i e c e s

and her heart is
B l e e d i n g

because of the
S h a r p
E d g e s
We think she is fine, but in her eyes it's otherwise
Jun 2018 · 327
Call me
C r a z y
For talking to
M y s e l f
It's better than my
T h o u g h t s
talking to me

Telling me to go to the
D a r k n e s s
Where my
D e m o n s
But it's only in my
H e a d

They're in my head.
Dark thoughts and whispers of voices
Jun 2018 · 466
Red Ink
He killed her with mere words

Saying everything in poetry

He eventually lost ink

And she started to write her own

Bleeding with her own blood

Dying in black
Nothing meant in poetry could describe her fate
Jun 2018 · 242
I wanted to fall asleep it was my escape in this reality

Deeply imagining of what could've been.

Flying around the World with no reason to stop and much as well rest...

The nights are not what they seem, I need to stay awake.

The voices in my head telling me to open my eyes wide

Where only I can see the dark, wishing I was blind.

The silence was killer, to think I'd go back and listen to my Dad read a story or my Mom sing me to sleep

But I hear whispers saying I should leave.

Dreams weren't nice, they were frightful like the night

I can't differentiate reality from slumber.

The moment I close my eyelids I'd feel it, the grasp of something unseen. It's screaming in my ear letting me know

I'm not alone.

It's morning again 24hrs to prepare for Bedtime once more, another battle.  

And the Demon had a score.
Battling against with fears of things that keep me up at night. It can be depression or a form something else in mind
Jun 2018 · 163
Ash Black
I remember that fairy tale
That bite of an apple
The answer to whom
The fairest should be

I look at the mirror
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Why am I not pretty unlike her
Eyes on her every move
And lips so red
But it can ****

**** me and lay me to rest
No I'm not snow white

There's no prince to save me
From this fight

I've learned to live alone
To stand strong
And be hard as stone

No I'm not needing for saving
I've fallen corrupt
I need protecting

I'm the witch in the story
I assure you a
No Happy Ending
To all fallen chaos in nightmares
Jun 2018 · 246
I saw you
our eyes met

Distance became a barrier
Of a few walks away

You smiled and I saw it

We fell in love
We didn't know

We saw
We came
We loved


Meant you and me.
We saw We came We loved
Jun 2018 · 184
And Then
It was called a
because it was an


It was called
because it's

And then,
There was
in between
For we did not know where we are, what We were
Jun 2018 · 188
It's either

Our hearts are
that's why our ribs are cages


Our hearts are
                G O L D E N
that's why we protect it with our chest

Either way

We should never let it go.

We release a beast


We lose a treasure
It's never a win a win with your heart locked forever... rather an all for nothing chance
Jun 2018 · 232
No Reason
I want to be a child

To be carefee
without a single thought of
   T o m o r r o w
     without a single thought of
        S o r r ow

And with no reason to be happy
because no one can take it away from me.

But there's this reason, the unexpected truth.

The error in the program
The lesson I cannot learn
The points on my circle
The turn in every road
The person I can't forget
The reasons are

Y O U.
I wanted to tell this, that he is my reason for so many things.
Jun 2018 · 123
I'm so tired of loving the people I love and yet there's no day I would take a rest.
Jun 2018 · 444
Why did you think
she was just a
With playful steps
And careful lips
She can be the earthquake
The ocean that swallows
Winds that scream
and a nightmare
of your daydream
You were
She is not just a
and you took the wrong turn
When you let her go
Apr 2018 · 95
I wonder about your dreams

The things that keep you up at night

And these thoughts open my eyes

If I appear at them once in a while

Then the sun is peeking through the blinds

Wondering again if I'd see you again tonight
Mar 2018 · 185
The Two
I wonder why she writes

And he always speaks

She writes the truth

For he who can't say a lie

And yet in between

She couldn't tell

And he couldn't write

What was in their hearts

Before stars would spark

So in the end

She closes her notebook

As he finishes his speech

Feb 2018 · 181
Started with a hello
Ended with a goodbye
Time to move on

And then your eyes met again
On the place you once treasure
A place of pain and sorrow

Then you smiled and he did
Waved farewell and went on
Awkward isn't it?

The person who was in your dreams
Exist only to wave and smile
A past which future stands still

Then comes the times were you were crying for a broken love
A dissolved relation
That ended up as the option

Awkward isn't it?
You met again
And couldn't look in the eye

Because you can never forget the past
Until you actually feel okay
With seeing them with another
Jan 2018 · 153
You never knew how to break

Until you said you should be strong

Because you knew you were weak

Smiling for too long

And then, you shed a tear

The feeling of the sorrow and pain creeping out

As much as you want to be strong

One will driven insane by smiling out and holding on

I'll be by your side

You smiled in front of the mirror

Knowing you can be stronger than tomorrow
Nov 2017 · 155
And so the final curtain has set

Its been great playing in your circus act
but now you hear the audience clapping

Its time to put an end to your show
goodbye foolish clown

No matter where you are

You are just sorrowful man behind a smiling mask
Oct 2017 · 131
You leave me with no other
C   H   O   I   C   E
but to get over
Oct 2017 · 305
What doesn't destroy me

make me wanna die

What doesn't **** me

make me wanna suicide

What means everything to me

is the one who's destroying and killing me

What makes me happy

Is the one who's making me cry

The person we love

hurts us

and yet

The people who loves us

is those we hurt

What a cruel world

that makes me think of going to heaven
yeah always...
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