31/Trans/Hull, UK   
Buried Words
17/F/Ireland    My poems aren't the best, but I write them when I'm suffocated by my deepest emotions. Whatever is written is truly felt in the moment ...
Jessica B
29/F    And the soul I keep speaks to those who wander free ❤️
Marietta Ginete
PH    wanting to share my words to the people all over the world.
İlayda Korkmaz
17/Ankara/Turkey    In one word, I would describe myself as an enthusiast. An enthusiast of everything, of arts, music, science, justice, words, and especially literature. I love ...
22/F/Indonesia    be yourself, everyone else is taken
Hans Taylor
22/F/Korea    it’s not about you.
17/F/Dallas, Georgia    Hey!! Feel free to message me about anything if you just want to talk about poetry...or just life in general :) Officially moving to Georgia ...
p e r s e p h o n e
anytime/lost soul/ pluto    welcome, care to stay a while? the pomegranate seeds are complimentary.
A poet in Paradise
The amateur poet
Wantage, NJ    Poetry is my way of venting. While finding my way through these odd high-school years, I write when I don't have anyone to talk to. ...
F/Lost    just a person who likes poems .-.
waiting. always.
Ophelia Ray
27/Moon, amongst the stars    "Writing is the painting of the voice" -unknown. ...I start by writing anything, and turn it into everything.
Lil lotus
14/F/Trapped in my thoughts...    Just one, trying to survive this dark world with nothing but a flashlight low on batteries and false hopes 0 0 And trying to get ...
||-//    @Odetofour on instagram Reformed addict:
15/F/Land of The Dead    Hi, my name is Melody. I was a little girl :) as can be had my daddy right beside me. Mom left me when I ...
19/F/QLD    Blurred
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