Claudia Jimenez
39/F/San Diego    I m Deaf I use ASL POETRY I love poetry that make me powerful and ASL & art.
Tazzannah Selena Polanco
16/F/MEXICO TO TN    mexican/german girl who loves poetry and books.
Rosmarie Correa
17/F/Florida    Started 6/23/18
trying to help myself and others with my emotions
20/M/Toronto    Different, but I’m not unique. Read my thoughts and take a look into my mind
Dear MoonWriter -love Krystal
Darina Forgacova
32/F/Slovakia    Civil Engineer who loves writing, poetry,wandering and dreaming. For people who are interested in interesting, my website
Makayla Jane
15/F/Pennsylvania    3/18/03
astiani hayn
21/F    Hi there!
My attempts of being a poet
16/F/En la mierda    50% shitty poems / 50% anxiety -I write in English & Spanish- "Bueno, yo espero que si tu estás por ahí y lees esto sepas ...
Lost Soul
F    I write poems to express myself I write poems to find myself I write poems to know myself I write to poems to be myself ...
16/A small lonely hometown    I don't know how to explain my poetry and why it's here, but I hope you enjoy it.
Dave Williams
Johannesburg    ramblings of a guy who thinks too much
23/F/221 B Baker Street ;)   
Daniel eason
27/M/Manchester    I sell lazer engraved poems on pieces of treated wood and also ply wood. Inbox me for prices if you would like poems sent to ...
Wrogue K
26    Conceptualist
69/F/Canada    5'2" Mom, nan and great grandma. Retired. New to country living.
39/F/Philippines    I am a Christian who happened to love poetry
Henessy J Beltre
22/F/New York    my goal is to develop a more personalized meaning of beauty, love, and self actualization through my writing.
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