It's the night before an exam,
And the rhymes and rhythms,
are screaming in my head,
as the mountain of rejected paper,
grows around me.
Because as I try to voice,
my horrors and hatreds,
my love and life,
politically and emotionally,
all I can think about is that,
at thirteen I was scrawling,
pretty patterns across my skin,
and using my blood as the paint,
                                                          ­      how messed up is that?

I honestly gave up on trying to rhyme anything after the first hour of trying to voice my feelings

Her tiger stripes started,
at the crease of her elbow,
and flowed down to her wrist,
in blood carved waves.
Light marks stark,
against dark skin,
they wrote a story,
in curved and brutal staves.
She was a tiger striped girl,
made of sharp smiles, bright eyes,
and when tiger stripes reached her fingertips,
she chose to leave this place.

Tether me to the sea,
with chain and link,
leave me be,
my darling, my sweetheart,
then you'll see,
with a seashell heart,
in this evergreen,
my love, my soul,
it's all I need,
floating, freely,
in this perfect sea.

I think of the pearl bright Moon
and the bright warm Sun,
a thousand stars between
and a distance even further.
I think of soulmates
torn apart by cruel fates,
Mother Nature's gentle soul,
her heart hardened by sin.
And the push and pull of tides,
endless, timeless,
rolling over the sinking sand,
murmuring and roaring a time old tale.
Of how two souls loved each other
so strong and true
that they tried to steal each other the world,
and how their punishment
was to watch the world die.
I think of how they're stuck there
an eternity apart,
separated by sea,
and how every night,
sinking to the bottom of soft seas,
the Sun dies
so the Moon breathes.

Prompt: "Sun & Moon"
Based off a Tumblr post I saw, I can't remember the username but all credit for the idea goes to them
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