You are the centre of your own universe
But can you
dark and light
The bliss of ignorance
The pain of knowledge
The serenity of hopelessness
And I’m a piece of crap
for telling you the truth
and it was only half
of what I wanted to spew
I’m sorry. It was too important to keep my mouth shut like normal. I couldn’t say everything bc it would be too hurtful and I’d done enough hurting already. But I feel really crappy
  15h Lynnie Defelice
he is
simply perfect
he's my universe
and I can't help but loving him and nobody else
when i was a kid
i wanted to be an adult

when i became an adult
i wanted to be a kid

This what kids
and adults tell me
When I see you
I get caterpillars in my stomach
Not grown enough to be butterflies
But alive enough
    To make me feel sick

The constant crawling
A thousand tiny legs
Scurrying up my esophagus
Ready to throw up
A feeling too real to ignore
And too nauseating to admit

So when I see you again
I’ll just keep my mouth shut
Live with the taste of dirt on my tongue
And swallow the caterpillars
   That live in my stomach.
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