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Eternal Dreams Mar 2018
Why do I always feel this way
I live this dreaded life everyday
Waking up to my soul crying
I just tired of feeling like dying

I didn't even get one score
I did everything I thought was right
Yet everything was destroyed cuz of the fright

You see me and I see you
You moved places so I flew
Showing my love that was free
And there you go trying to flee

I just want to know why I'm neglected
I asked you and You made me feel rejected
I hate the feeling  I give my all and don't receive any
Eternal Dreams Mar 2018
When I️ look at the sky at night. I️ see the stars. Yet that’s what most people only see. I️ see connections, life, death , etc. I️ see that a star represents a living thing. If an organism dies, a star disappears from my vision. If there’s a new born, a star appears. As you know the word constellation. I see those as a family. As there is many families in this world, there’s many constellation in the sky. However, I️ am now gonna stop talking about the stars in the sky. Now I’m going to talk about the stars you see in someone. Stars are things that light up the darkness. Just think about a damaged heart. It sees no Love, light,stars. So once you start seeing the stars in someone, you found a person that can change you.
Eternal Dreams Mar 2018
You were next to me when i opened my eyes
You looked calm, warm, and happily made  
I touched your face and you started to fade
And my real eyes realized the real lies.
You're gone and I miss you so much.
  Mar 2018 Eternal Dreams
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
Eternal Dreams Nov 2017
I watched it all
From this tragic day
where I started to fall
And fade away

I can’t grasp anything
as I am ethereal
I can’t hold on anything
And lost how to feel

You left me real long ago
You never say nothing now
I don’t know where my heart will go
You broke it and I’ve fallen down

I see you, happily and proud
With someone who isn’t me
Because I’m buried under the ground
With my soul finally free
Eternal Dreams Oct 2017
It’s there. The death of me
What I’ve been hiding is finally set free
Its the fact you didn’t pay attention, it was really old
But know you will hear how it was supposed to be told

Made it to my room , and there wasn’t light
I sit in on a bed  blinded by blight
I didn’t think that “it” was gonna be there
Until I look under the pillow and I wasn’t scared

Memories start with the good ones though
I start to smile,  as they went by slow
Until I seen the others, that made me still
I started to cry, and swallowed all of my pills

I picked “it” up, and placed the bullet in
I placed “it” underneath my chin
My finger is held onto the trigger
My heart starts racing and my brain felt bigger

The people here. Always called me a clown
Well who’s laughing now. * Click* *POW
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