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Douglas Goins Feb 22
You only fall in love once ..of course you will encounter the ones you deeply care for, first loves, & maybe even last loves.. But you only have one true love, where it seems like Cupid grabbed you by your hand & introduced you himself rather than relying on tricky arrows ..which is ironic, because I'm not one to believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in choice ..but when it comes to her, my choice is to believe in whatever is needed to express how blessed I am for her presence in my life.. Fairy tales have all the good expressions that true love can bring, but they come up short because happily ever after isn’t a shortcut... We had to cry, hurt, & go through trails together to know its real. We had to find that time apart only makes being together again the reason why our love has generations behind it.. & how she loves me with the same passion & same understanding makes knowing that today we've made it to one year just that much better.. You only fall in love once ..& to know that, makes finally having it a humanly perfect love story
Douglas Goins Feb 22
I wish I could tell you it doesn’t hurt.
That this pain is a two on the doctor discomfort scale.
But I doubt I’ll ever recover.
Even after I find the strength to get better.
Because loving you.
Was by far the greatest thing I’ve ever done.
Douglas Goins Apr 2018
Nobody's perfect.
At least that's what they tell me.
Which is funny.
Because all I see.
Is society showing us how we should be.
Showing women.
That no matter the mind.
No matter the smile.
No matter the respect.
If you are anything more than a size two.
You might as well just disappear.
Showing men.
That no matter the chivalry.
No matter the drive.
No matter the love.
Anything less than six figures.
You will never be successful.
It's sad really.
To be controlled by a number.
To feel accepted by a "like".
To feel relevant by a tweet.
Just wanting to matter.
Which I believe, is nothing short of torture.
Torture in the most sadistic way.
Because the society you want to appeal to.
Wouldn't care enough to save you from drowning in the shallow end.
Let alone have the common courtesy.
To tell you that all you have to do is stand up.
That's the irony of it all.
The classic line of they want to see you doing better.
As long as you aren't doing better than them.
That's the best way to describe it.
The minute you try & be different.
That's either the day society forces you to comply to the norm.
Or you are copied to the point where you aren't even an original anymore.
I'd love to give society a big "*******"
But I'm ashamed to say I'm just another percentage.
Feeding the hype by snapping, re-tweeting, & loving things that really don't matter to my well being.
I know I can't destroy it.
Hell, we probably couldn't destroy it together.
But we could weaken it.
By being flawed to the best of our abilities.
While rejoicing in every flaw.
Because being imperfect is the most beautiful thing you can be in this world.
Douglas Goins Mar 2018
Who am I...really? What about me is special enough to have a result in the world? I could sit on this bench day by day, month by month and nothing would ever change...for me that is. I've come to realize that it's not how you were as a human being, but rather the gift you were able to share across the world so to speak. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but nothing really makes sense to me other than the fact that will always remain, I will never be missed...for that matter, I will never be noticed. The trash that just lies on the ground in front of me even goes noticed, for one by the wind that carries it away, and two by the janitor that picks it up to put it in the garbage can...which just gives me this mentality that I'm lower than trash. The funny thing is though, I believe in God. I believe that Jesus died for our sins so that we can be forgiven and make it to heaven when our time on Earth has passed, what I don't understand is what I did to him for this to be my life. I ask myself if before I was sent to be a baby to this world did I upset him while I was an angel...what could I possibly have done to have this life?
Douglas Goins Mar 2018
I love you more than you’ll ever know, but I have to let you go.. because while you have grown to become my everything, I’m beginning to see how I’ve fallen to be just a convenience for you in return. I can’t allow you to play with my head anymore as you leave me on read when I ask you how your day is.. but then respond a few days later when you need a favor. I can’t allow you to play with my heart anymore when on a day that you do reply, you make it seem like you can’t live without me.. & if I just so happen to get lucky enough to be graced with your presence, your actions of what I mean to you never reflect the words spoken just a few hours before. So I have to love me more, especially with you.. because if I allow this to continue you’ll turn me into the villain.. & somewhere, someone out there still needs me to be their hero.
Douglas Goins Feb 2018
In two seconds.
You caught my eye.
You placed yourself in my world.
& I saw you.
Through my eyes.
& no one else's.
Your smile shined.
The way the sun & rain reflex the rainbow.
You were worth the seconds.
In two minutes.
I knew your name.
One I will never forget.
It reminded me of the stars.
On a night with the one you love.
In complete darkness.
With only the stars to show you the way.
You were worth the minutes.
In two hours.
You took me there.
Showed me the place in your heart.
Where your dreams and nightmares rest.
Trusted me.
Knowing id never hurt you.
Telling me what made you who you were.
What chapter you were in the big book called life.
You were worth the hours.
In two days.
I knew you.
From your first love.
To your first heartbreak.
What made you smile.
To what made you frown.
I felt you.
As my sunshine.
My sweet sunshine.
Warm & graceful.
A new flight.
Like Dancing.
Around & around.
Not afraid.
You were worth the days.
In two weeks.
Our lips met.
Taser pulses went through me.
Like on the fourth.
Angels clapped & played music that day.
Overwhelming the skies.
Making drops fall.
Bringing nature to life.
You were worth the weeks.
In two months.
I felt those two words.
In love.
In deep.
Deeper than were titanic sank.
Where no explorer will ever reach.
Will never discover.
So deep.
We created something rare.
Not even the book of records could contain.
I tasted what we were made of.
You were worth the months.
In two years.
You wore all white.
I wore black.
We made a promise to commit.
To stand for another.
Through thick & thin.
Better or worse.
Till death do us part.
Never moving on.
Longing to be held in traffic.
& watch the cars pass forever.
We are ahead anyways.
Where we belong.
Like the text in a book.
Or keys on a keyboard.
Or cold with snow.
& heat with sun.
Two as one.
We finished.
With two simple words.
To make it official.
You were worth the years.
Douglas Goins Feb 2018
For some reason.
It will always bring us closer.
In ways no one wants.
But everyone needs.
To be able to realize.
Life is short.
One minute you are here.
The next you never know.
So cherish one another.
Be thankful for one another.
Be kind to one another.
Because once the other is gone.
Don't let their death be the reason you return.
You'll never forget.  
What you once said you'll never forgive.
To the ones who have left us.
From the celebrities.
To the teens shot just for being there.
Or just the friends we saw around christmas.
I wish you only peace.
Because we will never be able to.
Now that you are gone.
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