Dori Jun 4
There’s really no poetic way to write about someone who didn’t love you

I don’t think there’s a beautiful way of saying
“She didn’t love me”

I don’t know, I guess maybe I’ve been writing these words in hope of finding a way to tell everyone that she didn’t love me

She doesn’t love me.
I don’t really know how to make that sound beautiful.

Has anyone found a poetic way of writing
“She doesn’t love me” without breaking down and screaming first?

She never loved me.
It’s summertime.

It’s summertime now,
And we fell in love when the snow was falling.
Do you think dying in the cold makes more sense
Than blooming underneath the sun?
She never loved me.
She just tried to plant a seed in the wrong season.

You planted your seed in the snow covered hills.
Well the suns out now and all you can do is destroy any hopes of a garden this year.

All these words,
And still nothing hurts more than
To hear
“She never loved you”

She never loved you.
She didn’t love you.
No one loves you.
She didn’t love me.
Semantic satiation (also semantic saturation) is a psychological phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who then perceives the speech as repeated meaningless sounds.
Dori Apr 25
Don’t be surprised when you come back, knocking on the door,
only to find some dust,
your clothes,
And pieces of a broken heart scattered on the floor.
I told you I was leaving.
Dori Apr 18
Just tell them I died a famous poet
An architect of the ******
A designer of catastrophe

Tell them I fell asleep
And never woke up
Because the words I wrote
Were never enough
Dori Apr 18
I’ll keep your memory in the closet
Right next to all my other skeletons
Dori Apr 18
She’s not my type
But  then again
She also isn’t you

So maybe I’m wrong
Dori Apr 18
I just hope you’ll never be cruel enough
To place me in a box
And throw me in with all of the other misfortunes you’ve stored away

I never touched your skin
And made you flinch
I never kissed your lips
with false intentions
I never held your hand
Thinking I’d ever have to let it go
I would have never left you
In the dirt
On your knees
Begging for you to stay

I never did anything other than love you, and you know it.
So please
Don’t ever place me in a box
And tell people that
“We just didn’t work out”.
Dori Apr 14
Why does the sun still shine after it rains?
Why do the flowers grow after the seasons change?
Why does blood still flow through punctured veins?

I suppose when you ask someone why they let go of a life,
you’d have to first ask yourself..
why they fought death in the first place.

Growth. Beauty. Love.

These are the things we stay alive for.
Does a dead poets words still contribute to society?
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