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  4d Dor
I love you
I love you
I love you

far far far far
far far away

I can't touch you
I can't touch you
I can't touch you

live inside my phone screen
live inside my computer screen
live inside
open a window
close it

I love you
I can't touch you

long distance

I want you
I want you
I want you

do I have to accept it
accept it
accept it
accept it
do I
do I do I

I can't have you
I can't
I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't
I can

live inside my head
live in the reflection of my eyes
live outside

far far far far far
close by
  Oct 9 Dor
He was glowing in my eyes
A blazing star that could never die
So bright that he made me cry
  Oct 9 Dor
Below the starry sky,
Under the shade of the mango tree,
He said to her "I'm never giving up on you."
That's when they realised,
That they were meant to be.
Everything happens for a reason
  Oct 9 Dor
Relationship to relationship
You know how you tie a song to a person
I lost so many songs
Movies and memories
Because you lose the person and the music hurts
But then i met you
And every lyric I ever heard was about you
  Oct 9 Dor
Visions of ****
And burglary
Dance around in my head
As darkness creeps over me
And I turn on all the lights
In my empty apartment
When you're not here
I toss and turn
Through the night
Popping sleeping pills
Just to catch a wink
Daydreams turn into
Night terrors
As the dog barks
At every little noise
Making me aware
Of all the scary things
Outside my window
Someone knocks at my door
But I'm not expecting company
Even with the deadbolt
I don't feel safe
In this big empty bed of mine
As I sleep alone
  Jul 18 Dor
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
It totally blows away

Every speck that we think we are

Our proud plans, delirious dreams,

frightened cries, desperate prayers

Crystal dust settling on the moonlit face

of the Sphinx

All That Remains is God
Dor Jul 3
Living a lie,
You wander through
Your bleak view of life.

You want to perish
In this world of sin.

Leaving me alone
When I am yours to cherish.

Have you felt the severe love
For I have weaved its very
Essence into my words?

I wonder if my poem
Will reach the depths of
Your heart.

They say it is unreachable.
They say it is unmanageable.
They say you should submit yourself to the darkness.

But what do you say?

You submit yourself...anyway.

To me, you are now a subtle dream.
From a far away life.
My soul screams in agony.

My entirety is shred
Into a million pieces.
For my soul is nothing but dead.

Yearning for you
Searching for you...

In every turn of my head on a busy sidewalk.
In every time the news channel mentions Europe.
In every time I spy a magnificent green dragon.

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