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Dirk Salimus Dec 2019
Does everybody deserves love

Deserves care? deserves affection? deserves exuberance?

Does everyone deserves everything?

Deserves everything except me?

Does everyone except me deserves everything?
Dirk Salimus May 2019
I could be gliding high,
But they never taught me to fly
I could be shining bright
But they dimmed my light

They told me I can't,
Do the things I know I could
They are always hell-bent
To insist it, if there's chance, they would

From the time I've spent living
While I keep on breathing
They've been holding me back
And never let me finish the track

I wish I was with someone
Who is proud of what I'm capable of
I bet it'd be fun
Flying high without this cuff

I wish I could fly high
Gliding across the skies
I wish I could shine bright
And could someday make it right

I wish I could.
I wish I could have a parent who is genuinely proud of me.
Dirk Salimus May 2019
Nights with you are moon and stars
You may be a thousand miles away
But in my heart, you'll never be distant afar
And to you I belong and I'll stay

Days with you are trees and flowers
Though it may take numerous hours
You'll bloom in greatness and beauty
Adorning the earth as your duty

Afternoons with you are joyful and exuberant
Warming, soothing, and satisfying
A good vibe, as it seems, in just an instant
Is what you planted in my feelings

Dawns with you are calming and serene
There is nothing could part between
You and me, because whatever the time may be,
You are always making me happy, my baby.
Dirk Salimus Mar 2019
Everybody loves sun
Both when it's rising
And when it's finally setting
That's how it's all done

Nobody loves the sun
The way they love the moon
'cause it gave them fun
And serenity in doom

They enjoy every moment
Of darkness and spare
But not the solemn
Lightness of flare and glare

The sun was jealous
For the treatment was gratuitous
The sun shines longer than night
But was still the one who wasn't right

What more should this king prove
That he is worthy enough to be appraised
To attest and make everybody move
And say the sun is also wonderful and great
Good day everyone!
Dirk Salimus Feb 2019
I am just a poet
What can I do? They say
A mere silhouette
Of a whole artwork display

But who are you to denigrate
The greatness that never deteriorate
The lifeless words that gave life
The endless phrase that could knife

I am just a poet
That's what I heard
That's what I heard from the brainless heads

I am never JUST a poet
I AM A POET, I said

To peace is where it took me and led
I AM A POET,I said
Remember what you've read.
Dirk Salimus Feb 2019
I wake up,I made my bed
Just like what I usually do
Latent images in my forehead
From the nightmare I went through

I open the fridge,hoping to see
That a food will appear infront of me
But I squint my eyes and said
I'd just imagine I have eaten a bread

it's okay

The ceiling is a mirror from above
But all I see is an eagle and a lovely dove
The walls are cracked and barely standing
But all I see are just gaps needed to be filled in

and It's okay

I need to go to work
How could it get any worse?
My car was out of gas
I was late and needed to run fast

it's okay

I'm at work, doing my job
While I was getting yelled at
This room ran out of love
Happiness is under on everyone's hat

I was fired and was said to get out
I was trying my best to remain stout
Understand the incomprehensible
Even if they can't explain the explainable
It's horrible,terrible, the pain is unbearable

but it's okay

I went home with a blurry mind
Shaky hands,no plans,zero errands

My life is not a mess,
It's just less luckier than them,
It's not over I reckoned
They're just ahead for a second

It really is okay
...I never failed everything today, I said
At least I had a neat,well-made bed
Dirk Salimus Feb 2019
Now that you're not here
The teapot has been empty
The tray remained at its place
The kisses are just memories

Now that you're not here
I'm sleeping beside the cold
The blankets are unfolded

Each night,I'm hugging the question
When will you come back?

Because I realized how I love you
Now that you're not here already
Never take anyone for granted
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