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  Nov 2019 Dinodust
grace snoddy
i regret letting you in.

love will always start with illusion.
and i fell in love with
the mirage you displayed.
i told myself that
the person i fell in love with
was still there.
that is why i stuck around

for so long.

for so long i believed that you still loved me
as much as the sun loved the sky.
even when you said you didn’t,
even when your voice didn’t feel like


home was late night conversations.
home was your laugh ringing in my ears.
but what was once the house we loved in,
it is now dominated by ghosts.

it has been 8 months.
i still

i regret letting you in.
Dinodust Sep 2019
I will try to forgive myself
For living in the dark
For my loss of laughter
For forgetting how to see

I will try to forgive myself
For being gone for too long
And being bored of breathing

For not remembering
For not being in my head
For not starting right now

I will try
Dinodust Aug 2019
I built his words around me
How much trauma can I take
Someone please just take me
But what difference will that make
If I find no happiness

Now I’m filled with misery
How will I ever survive
With him it would go bitterly
With all of that strive
But will I ever feel complete
Dinodust Jul 2019
All sickness is not unto death, neither am I
Dinodust Jul 2019
Empty floor
Empty walls
Empty closet


I feel the stickiness again

Oh god..

You did this
Did you know that?
Of course you don’t..
You don’t care..
You never cared..
Not about me anyways..

But now you care

About your reputation
You only care about yourself
But you can’t do anything now

How does it feel to be trapped??

It doesn’t feel nice, huh?
Now you know how I felt in those years
Dinodust Jul 2019
‪Not valid‬
‪Not worthy‬
‪Not loved‬
‪Just disposable ‬
‪Unwanted ‬
‪Usable ‬
‪But only for his needs‬

‪Drip drip ‬

‪My blood is spilt‬

‪You can’t wash off your mistakes now‬
‪What ever will you do?‬
Dinodust Jun 2019
Oh no

I don’t think I’m clean

Will you ever love me?

Oh no

I was too ***** from the start

How will you think of this?

Oh no

Oh no
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