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Dinamus Jan 21
I wanted to feel what I say
Without the colours washing away
I apologise everyday,
"Sorry I am this way"

I try every now and then
I even use poetry to vent
But in the end it's all pretend
And I'm in tears again
Dinamus Jan 14
Roses are red
Violets are violets
Everyone is dead
Why is it always violence?
Dinamus Apr 29
It toils and it burns
In my stomach it churns
I seal my lips
To hide a choice of words

No wrong or right
In this cold night
I don't want to fight
But I just might

I'm not one to attack
But this knife
You've stabbed my back
I might just snap
Not a feeling I'm overly proud of, but I feel ashamed even feeling that way.
Dinamus Aug 11
I lie here
In a growing bed of thorns
The roses red
And the stems strong

They cover my eyes
In their petals white
Hiding my demise
Beneath the night

I try to sleep
But the spines are sharp
they pull me in
And stab me in the dark

I try to run
But it's no use
They wrap around my neck
Like a noose
Dinamus Jun 19
I'm sorry but
Can you tell me who I'm supposed to be?
I've been caught in a rut
and I can't see too clearly
just yesterday I was me
But today I'm in the between
Can you help me to understand what I feel?
Dinamus Mar 22
This feeling in my stomach
Won't fade away
It's like the butterflies I felt
When I used to see your face
Dinamus Aug 2021
He said to my face
"You miss every shot
You don't take"
                                 And I replied
"I only have one bullet
And on it is your name."
Dinamus Jul 1
I go from pocket to pocket
From hand to hand
I've a couple coins in my locket
But never the same man

Call it constants and variables
People tell me I've changed
That I've gotten unstable
I guess that part is still the same

I still ask myself
"Am I someone else?"

"Am I going insane?"
"These voices are messing with my brain."
Dinamus Dec 2020
Black and White
Raise the banner, sound the sirens
Wrong and right
This is war, this won't end in silence
Dinamus Nov 2020
Chemical Lover, I offer you a toast
Serotonin, endorphins and all the most
Fill my heart like a sweet overdose
And Take away my pain, tender ghost
Dinamus Apr 22
It takes more than eyes to see
beyond the veil
what is underneath
this path you sail

You have eyes
they won't help you here
The blinding light
the ultimate sight
Dinamus Jul 23
My body is cold
and my heart is black
I've done some things
That I'll never take back

My path is grey
and my hands are pink
Some things just
Don't wash off in the sink

My soul is ice
and my mind is blue
At this point
I don't know what to do

My eyes are red
and my lungs are brown
I always knew
I'd let you down
Dinamus Jul 2021
I have a confession to make
I'm a manipulator
I'm a fake
My heart is a glacier
I love to see you break

I've an ace up my sleeve
Eyes of the devil
Every lie you'll believe
You're my experimental

You think you're winning?
I'll have the last laugh
No stranger to sinning
Call me the next Faust
Dinamus Oct 4
Sometimes I feel
Like the rain
Cries for me

These bottled-up emotions
I hold onto underneath
Leave me hurting
And empty

But then it rains
and it feel like something
knows my pain
And I don't worry

Thank you
Dinamus Jul 2021
There will be no heroes
In our dance of death
So take my hand
And take your last breath

Keep your eyes on me
In this macabre masquerade
And stay light on your feet
Or you'll be the first to break
Dinamus Jul 2021
I've never had roots
I go where the wind takes me
I'm like a ghost
When I go to sleep
Please don't wake me.
Dinamus Mar 27
Yesterday feels like a dream
Like just yesterday I was me
But today I can't remember
Who I'm supposed to be
Dinamus Dec 2020
Melan-choly, in me

Could you be, the one to set me free?

I don't be-lieve, in these things

I can't see the things you see, so easi-ly

Blinded by the glare of your bright-ness

Shine your light and let me feel, your soul-stice
Dinamus Jul 2021
What were once dreams
Unveiled to be nightmares
I can still hear their screams
I can still feel you there

Beyond the reverie
I asphyxiated
In the deep cold sea
That I created
Dinamus Mar 11
I'm just a shell
Of who I used to be
Can't you tell
This isn't really me?
Dinamus Dec 2020
A shell, an armour of stone
Cold as the touch of ice
Eternal darkness left alone
Left to my devices, in a prison of spite
Warning to be harkened
Eternal darkness left in this place called home
Dinamus Nov 2020
My lungs filled with water in the pouring rain
I stared into the black abyss, hands stained
The blood of the past, holding this blade
That i sank into my heart, I fell apart

I felt myself come asunder
Under the flashing lights and rolling thunder
Strobe Lights flickered, illuminating this long road, quicksand pulling me under
Flash floods, wash away my fickle hate, trickling down my tear ridden face

Rain on me, cleanse me in your rippling waves
Drench me in your grace, as you take me under in your gaze
The eye of the storm, a home in this cyclone
And drown me, take away my heart of stone

Samir Mohammed, Flood
Dinamus Jul 23
See through me
Like light through glass
Look to the future
and not my past

My soul is brittle
And so is my heart
When it cracks a little
The pieces are sharp

I'm a weathered window
With perpetually pulled curtains
don't want the cracks to show
'cause deep down I'm hurting

No one thinks they're fragile
Until they're broken apart
It only takes a smile
To hide a broken heart
Dinamus Jan 2021
Knots tied like boy scouts
Wrapped in a burlap sack
Withering hope and flames going out
Slithering rope and my neck snapped
Dinamus Mar 8
If I knew it would've been this way
Then maybe I wouldn't be here today
Lonesome in the dark with no friends
A Hole in my heart until the very end
Dinamus Jan 28
My heart is a void
Black and empty
You and I are not the same
I don't know how to feel
Like a moth to a flame
I break my bones
And tear my skin
I'm only a home
For the evil within
Dinamus Aug 2021
Our flesh and bone
Circuits of veins and arteries
Not alike the stone
Or even the trees

Complex machines
Blood like a red blush
Not alike the ice
Yet cold to the touch
Dinamus Dec 2020
So far away from home
left in the rushing waves and pain
In the pouring rain all alone

So far away from home
left here with ghost ships
and the call of the siren's moan

So far away from home
Silence filled by the filling hull
The cries of seagulls
Lambda represents wavelengths in physics, in this case it is used as a metaphor for water waves
Dinamus Jul 2021
You say I've changed
Into something I can't recognise
Yet still I wage
War on your cold scathing eyes

So tell me who
The predator or the prey?
You look into the mirror
And see everyday

True colours are but shades
Wearing them like an effigy
Plastic, like make believe tales
Is this who I'm meant to be?
Dinamus Jun 18
This rotting and cold feeling
Is tearing at me under the skin
Ripping me apart from within
Is change really such a good thing?

I feel it in my bones and my blood
All the parts of me that have gone cold
Have asphyxiated and atrophied
Till I can barely recognize me
Dinamus Aug 2021
Blur the lines
Between the tides
Swim with me
In the sea of lies
And you will see
Who I am inside
Dinamus Jun 19
These feelings come in waves
One second I'm here
the next I'm away

It's like I'm in a daze
Am I still awake?
It felt like a second ago
I was looking at your face
Dinamus Jul 2021
It's raining every day
The skies used to be so clear
Beautiful in every way
Now they're clouded with fear
Dinamus Jun 19
The world is crooked ;
In its twisted       grip ;
it has us          hooked ;
and I fear every   slip

They call me a   perfectionist ;
I'll work until I'm the      best ;
There isn't a step I'll         miss ;
Nothing is worse than a mess
Dinamus Aug 2021
I'll take every chance
That I can take
I don't care
If my life's at stake
I'm sick of falling asleep
And crying in my wake
Dinamus Jul 14
Speak for me
When I'm in the depths
Down on my knees
And my strength has left

Sing for me
Like the falling rain
When I weep
And can't take the pain

Breathe for me
When my lungs are black
And I can't breathe
With this weight on my back

Scream for me
When my words make no sound
When I bleed
And no one is around
Dinamus May 23
No more grey
I want to break chains
From all the mundane
And make my own way

What's the point
If we're all the same?
I think it's time
For a little change
Dinamus Mar 19
I've spent Sleepless nights in bed
Running through thoughts in my head
Going through things I've said
And through all my regrets

I prayed for the silence to go away
For the thoughts to drown in rain
I couldn't take any more of the pain
I couldn't face it again

And every time the sky wasn't blue
I wasn't the only one crying too
Dinamus May 2021
I used to love the rain
Those were the days
now my hands are stained
and it can't wash my sorrows away

I used to pray for the fall
The blackened skies and mist
Now I'm lost in the thrall
Drowning in the sea, with the fish

I used to wonder why
The cold felt so endearing
the cries of the sky
Now I'm the one with tears
in my eyes
Dinamus Dec 2020
Black skies and storm clouds
The smell of flowers and rain
The howling winds and wolves loud
Night falling on the day like drops of blood

The blood of the slain
Velvet roses and the lilies lay here
In a pool of red, stained
wading in the waters, ever clear
Dinamus Aug 2021
Writhing like a worm
Spent too much time
Basking in the sun
Baking my bones
In a bed of leaves
Laying with the stones
Buried like a seed
In pieces like the sky
Split by the clouds and breeze
In a dried lake of red
Where I rest my head
Dinamus Aug 2021
Like the earth around the sun
Ever changing
Like the dusk until the dawn
Never waning
You ever think about how you're a completely different person than you once were?
Dinamus Aug 2021
It's a bitter taste
On the back of my tongue
The growing seed of hate
Spreading into my lungs
Dinamus Jul 2021
Your words are like poison
Venom from a snake
On my tongue like medicine
I love the way it tastes
Dinamus Jun 20
There's a monster in the mirror
Something in me has changed
And it won't disappear
These voice in my head
They whisper in my ear
And won't stop until I'm dead
Dinamus Sep 3
I'm always stuck
In the future or the past
Trying to hold on
Trying to make it last

Never living
In the moment
Stuck in the future
Where I keep on hoping

To see you someday
In my heart
I'll keep you there
Until the skies fall apart
Dinamus Dec 2021
Is any of it 𝒎𝒆?
                                Am I lost in the In between?

                                       I keep asking myself
                                   "𝑪𝒂𝒏 𝑰 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝑰 𝒔𝒆𝒆?"

                        I'm stuck between 𝖜𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖌 ​and 𝖗𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙

                       In a world that is b̸̭͓̏̚l̸̨̔͐a̷̺̮͗̄̑c̴̛̪͕̿͛k̸̡̨̹̔͒ and 🆆🅷🅸🆃🅴

                                         And I  ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶  know

                                   ̶I̶f̶  I can'̶t̶  win this 𝖋𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙.
Dinamus Apr 5
I often look up
When my world is down
To stare at the stars
When no one is around
Dinamus Feb 11
Surrogate pawn
In the light of day
These moves aren't yours
In this game we play

Make a move
Take your time
In the end
It's still all mine

You'll be the first to laugh
At the end of my string
you'll know it's all pretend
'Cause I always win
Dinamus May 22
O' Sun I beckon to thee
Shine thou light
O' set me free
In overpowering might

This light of day
Thou hast burnt the rain away
In all coming wake
A new dawn breaks
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