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Dinamus Jun 19
The world is crooked ;
In its twisted       grip ;
it has us          hooked ;
and I fear every   slip

They call me a   perfectionist ;
I'll work until I'm the      best ;
There isn't a step I'll         miss ;
Nothing is worse than a mess
Dinamus Jun 19
I'm sorry but
Can you tell me who I'm supposed to be?
I've been caught in a rut
and I can't see too clearly
just yesterday I was me
But today I'm in the between
Can you help me to understand what I feel?
Dinamus Jun 19
These feelings come in waves
One second I'm here
the next I'm away

It's like I'm in a daze
Am I still awake?
It felt like a second ago
I was looking at your face
Dinamus Jun 18
This rotting and cold feeling
Is tearing at me under the skin
Ripping me apart from within
Is change really such a good thing?

I feel it in my bones and my blood
All the parts of me that have gone cold
Have asphyxiated and atrophied
Till I can barely recognize me
Dinamus May 23
No more grey
I want to break chains
From all the mundane
And make my own way

What's the point
If we're all the same?
I think it's time
For a little change
Dinamus May 22
O' Sun I beckon to thee
Shine thou light
O' set me free
In overpowering might

This light of day
Thou hast burnt the rain away
In all coming wake
A new dawn breaks
Dinamus Apr 29
It toils and it burns
In my stomach it churns
I seal my lips
To hide a choice of words

No wrong or right
In this cold night
I don't want to fight
But I just might

I'm not one to attack
But this knife
You've stabbed my back
I might just snap
Not a feeling I'm overly proud of, but I feel ashamed even feeling that way.
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