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Dinamus Sep 3
I'm always stuck
In the future or the past
Trying to hold on
Trying to make it last

Never living
In the moment
Stuck in the future
Where I keep on hoping

To see you someday
In my heart
I'll keep you there
Until the skies fall apart
Dinamus Aug 11
I lie here
In a growing bed of thorns
The roses red
And the stems strong

They cover my eyes
In their petals white
Hiding my demise
Beneath the night

I try to sleep
But the spines are sharp
they pull me in
And stab me in the dark

I try to run
But it's no use
They wrap around my neck
Like a noose
Dinamus Jul 23
See through me
Like light through glass
Look to the future
and not my past

My soul is brittle
And so is my heart
When it cracks a little
The pieces are sharp

I'm a weathered window
With perpetually pulled curtains
don't want the cracks to show
'cause deep down I'm hurting

No one thinks they're fragile
Until they're broken apart
It only takes a smile
To hide a broken heart
Dinamus Jul 23
My body is cold
and my heart is black
I've done some things
That I'll never take back

My path is grey
and my hands are pink
Some things just
Don't wash off in the sink

My soul is ice
and my mind is blue
At this point
I don't know what to do

My eyes are red
and my lungs are brown
I always knew
I'd let you down
Dinamus Jul 14
Speak for me
When I'm in the depths
Down on my knees
And my strength has left

Sing for me
Like the falling rain
When I weep
And can't take the pain

Breathe for me
When my lungs are black
And I can't breathe
With this weight on my back

Scream for me
When my words make no sound
When I bleed
And no one is around
Dinamus Jul 1
I go from pocket to pocket
From hand to hand
I've a couple coins in my locket
But never the same man

Call it constants and variables
People tell me I've changed
That I've gotten unstable
I guess that part is still the same

I still ask myself
"Am I someone else?"

"Am I going insane?"
"These voices are messing with my brain."
Dinamus Jun 20
There's a monster in the mirror
Something in me has changed
And it won't disappear
These voice in my head
They whisper in my ear
And won't stop until I'm dead
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