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Diksha Prashar Nov 2020
I picked the pieces
Put it back together,
Dragged the burden,
For sake of
What we had together?

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving me behind,
So you can flourish

Easy to throw away
The memories weaved
Past, present and future seed

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving this pigeon hole,
For mansion behold

Whispers of sweet nothings
An acidic reminder,
A betrayal painted,
With no remembrance

Bruises I cleared
Promises sweared,
Python to my eternal ores

Then why? Oh why?
Your loved turned selfish
When I’m carrying
A piece of you and me
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Diksha Prashar Oct 2020
Explanation will ruin

The fun part

Let’s not judge

The art,

Let it speak for itself

Depth of forgotten parts,

Each stroke

Portray love of

Its own

Shaded parts hide

The truth unknown

Light adds essence

Outlining presence,

Dancing on tunes of calciminer,

Enlightening eyes of beholder

Inspiring dormant emotions

Weaving commotion

Art of devotion.
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Diksha Prashar Sep 2020
I was just another voyage
in his
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Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Sun beamed at
her melodious smile,
Sand embraced
patterns her feet made;
A sight to behold
even time stood
in solitude to
witness love song.
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Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes,
Crushing the positive oath
To live healthy,
Away from all the
Evil belonging,
Follow me
Everywhere I go,
Persuading to lead
The old road,
Self destruction, oblivion
To self love,
Chiming vile verses
Demons lurking
To abduct
My trust
Not free falling,
Old chains rattling
My nerves,
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes

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Diksha Prashar Aug 2020
Colourful tattoos lingered your arms
Showcasing your past
Full of mistakes and moving on
Imprinted me with soothing warmth
Tugging me towards the dangerous art
Falling for you was never the part
Sitting behind those silver bars
Holding us hundred feet apart
Both serving mistakes, they took part
You tearing apart innocence
Me falling for your dangerous art
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