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Every morning

I woke up

with a gratitude

another day


to prove my


Something to take

in strides

a beautiful


provided to serve

human life

making this world

more better and

beautiful to

Magnificent to see shining spree,

you and I under a tree.

infatuation I build to plea!
It’s only fair
We fail
And pretend
To sail
Already sunk boat
******* the tiny hope
Might save from
Drowning and
Stay afloat
Here I thought
I would defy all odds
Be the
Warrior, (sort off)
Here am i
Wording unspoken
Hiding behind
These words
Shielding my heart (sort off)
Kindred spirits,
One of a kind,
Share the same mind,
Tuned into each other,
Like a radio frequency.
How many more faces to see?
Different shades
Yet, to believe
I trusted one
Not so long ago,
Bearing my soul
Naked, in front of
Vultures in disguise
All I know,
Blindly sung my pain
Wounds throb time and again,
Reminding of my naivety
Once again,
Faces so innocent
But, evil thoughts
They sustain,
Catching us off guard
Every time
We grew back again,
A reality check
The evil still prevails,
Yet, to discover
Grey shades,
Mere puppet
What god’s create,
Hard to believe
They still breathe
Inflicting pain, they crave
How many different shades?
To proclaim
Dream big
It’s yours,
Haven’t we all heard it before?
What if I tell you?
I don’t even
Have that power anymore
Maybe I fear it will
Destroy me for good
Showing no mercy
At all
Taking my ability to
Not tying loose ends
Of this role
Dream big
It’s yours
Deadly silence
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