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maybe there is a
reason for
- expectations
Diksha Prashar Sep 2021
I don't know if you understand me
but I understand you
it's hard to open your heart
To cracked pieces.
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
I waited patiently
for them to heal
but, forgot
wounds are
meant to bleed
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
Thay say whole world is your canvas
Paint whatever you want
But no one's tell you
It has to be
Straight n perfect
Be my beautiful reader
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
people always see the surface
they don't know the depth
i lay in
Diksha Prashar Aug 2021
Love I seeked
Love I got an eventful bliss
Lies are sweet
Diksha Prashar Jul 2021
My thoughts are mine
But, somehow I fear them
they speak volumes
I often feel deaf
they shook me bad
i try to hide
from the chase they love
though, I cry
when they fell numb
I find myself sigh
'was it worthwhile?'
to let them define
my worth like that
I tend to overthink
just like they desire
fear consumes me
chaining me in its clutches
on my knees
bleeding crimson
a sad reality
I accept
guilty I proceed
vulnerable picture of me.
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