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Diana Mendoza Aug 2014
I am not required to love you.
Let's get that straight.
Neither man nor woman
Is obligated to profess
And show their undying love for you,
Just as the sun doesn't revolve around the world,
The world doesn't revolve around you.
A series of acts showing your "kindness"
Is not a contract for a relationship.
The very fact that you have to shout
How you are a "nice guy"
Shows how you aren't;
Kindness doesn't need reassurance.
To be frank,
This whole delusion
Is getting a bit out of hand
(see: the "****** Killer",
a guy so sexually frustated
He killed people
for not giving him the right to get laid).
Maybe, hear me out here guys,
it's not because girls only look for "bad guys".
Maybe we look for soulmates,
Not Good Samaritans with hidden agendas.
This may come off as a shock for some of you,
But all-around goodness isn't equal
to treating girls nicely
Only because you might have a chance.
So if your mating dance
Consists of acting like you're an angel And simultaneously complaining
About the blindness
And insolence of women,
It's high time you should stop.
Put down the fedora while you're at it.
It's become a symbol for gentlemen for you,
But now it's a warning sign for us: "Beware the self-entitling guy!"
Honestly, we cringe every single time.
And darling,
Nice guys always finish last
because they whine
Instead of running.
Diana Mendoza Jul 2014
I don't know when
I even started feeling this way.
All signs scream in bold letters:

But I try not to get caught.
Only heaven can see,
See me looking at you
With so much love,
So much hope.
So much fear.

Is it a sin to love someone like you?
Then forgive me God, for I have sinned.
Because if loving you is a crime punishable by law,
Then even behind bars
I will think of  you,
And how you don't feel the same way.
  Jul 2014 Diana Mendoza
david jm
A ceremony in disguise,
Protective animus inside.
Twist gold on fingers crucified,
Next in a line for sacrifice.

Please don't panic,
Its under control.

The spirit forcing its way out,
Selective hearing, angry mouth.
We hear it whispering the doubts.
Drowning love in times of drought.

Please don't panic,
Its under control.

Experimented on in dreams.
Through walls and sleep they carried me.
Offer the fish but no one chases.
Somebody's been here,
Someone faceless.

Please don't panic
Its under control.
Its about a dream where i got married and abducted by aliens. Hadn't written one that rhymed in a while.
Diana Mendoza Jul 2014
I shouldn't have been
Too careful,
Too restrained.
Because now you will never,
Never ever know
How much I've loved you.

You never noticed,
Not even a bit.
But there's a part of me wishing,
Wishing so much it hurts,
That you did.

Now you'll be out-of-bounds,
Where you can't hear me anymore.
I'll break the rules
Just one last time,
By saying 'I love you'
After I've said adieu.
  Jul 2014 Diana Mendoza
I write poetry to forget you. Hoping with every clever word phrase, you'll find your way out of my memory.
I just want you to know, betwixt all these fancy words and captivating images there's a broken girl who sits dangerously at the end of a piece of drift wood as a tornado approaches the shores of a distance beach.
There's a crooked smile singing the praises of some self found confidence that could be bottled and sold in the nearest gag shop.
There's a record player in my chest rotating the same three songs all with the same sad tune of "maybe this time". There's an empty casket going into an unmarked grave for feelings I thought we could share but never quite died.
There's a timid hand shake wrapped in insecurities doused in ambition and remorse for the words and actions that lacked excitement when I took the hand of some fragment that should have replaced you.
Diana Mendoza Jul 2014
I am not so different
From a knife--
No use without a wielder,
Yet used so often.

Look at me
And I'll show you what to carve.
Oh don't try to hide it,
It's clear as glass.

2. Eyelash curler
Do not worry,
I will help you.
Do not worry,
I am only bending you.

3. Closet
I am an asylum.
I hold straightjackets.

Choose your own shackles,
I will give you the chains.
Go on,
Wear your insanity today.

— The End —