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 May 2019 Desi
I sat there, silent tears falling off my not high - not sharp- cheekbones.
I sat there while you continued shoving yourself father down my throat.
            Did you know I was crying? Would you have cared?
I got up, and he looked at me sympathetically. As though he wasn't screaming at me, "You know you want this." "Come on. No one will know. No one has to know. It'll be quick."
            Did you not get the hint when I began lying there lifeless,
            almost, close enough? Did you not think to stop when I said
            no? When I couldn't find myself to look at you while you were
            committing your act? Would you have stopped if you could've
            heard my thoughts?
At least he had the decency to drive me home, this time.
And yet I continue to come back.
 May 2019 Desi
Russ Olnick
The drops of rain cascade down
The cold downpour reflects my pain
Like the sky was crying for me
And as I gaze out my window
I see the familiar grey skies
As my heart sees the imagery
Of which I cast upon myself
Except, I realize
The rain will stop, the skies will clear
And I'll still be here
Waiting for my grey skies to go blue
5/22/2019 12:29 AM
 May 2019 Desi
Love Yourself
 May 2019 Desi
Self love is a war,
Except you are on both sides.
Everyday a different battle,
Like the changing of the tides.
Your mind tells your heart
“You are not what you seem”
Never a small bit of satisfaction,
Never truly clean.
You must learn
You are what you make yourself
The lesson is to
Love yourself
Speak yourself
 Feb 2019 Desi
McKenna Pickett
You said you'd always love me
so why do I sit here alone at 3am
wondering where it went wrong.
 Dec 2018 Desi
John Destalo
 Dec 2018 Desi
John Destalo
She had no idea that

her words were eating away at me
like hungry piranhas

she was taking
small bites to savor
the newness of my flesh

if she could have seen into the future

the effects were invisible

she would have stopped

and then she devoured
a little more and a little more

but they were still just flesh wounds
always quick to heal
and I could still smile at her

and then more and more and more
until I could not smile

until she took her last bite

and there was nothing
left of me but her words.
 Aug 2018 Desi
Forge your signature
on the shell of my heart.
Send a bullet through,
make it quick for me.
Beauty like yours
makes me drop dead,
as they say.
Wrap your arms
around my body
I’m a novice,
and I don’t know
how your love works.
I've been cold, distant
for most of my life
but girls like you
make me wish I was

Although I never will be.
I wish I was different, I wish I could connect with you. I wish my love was honest, but all of my moves feel scripted.
 Aug 2018 Desi
Trust Fall.
 Aug 2018 Desi
What I would give
to have somebody
who I could trust
with catching me
as I fall,
but at the same time
it feels unfair
to expect this
out of the ones
we’re supposed to love.
Should we trust in the fall
or fall in the trust
of one another?
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